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FSG 15 Aircraft and Airframe Structural Components Catalog

The key for having a functional safe Aircraft begins with its structure, from the smallest things of placing the bolts and screws in the correct places, making sure everything is aligned, and knowing all the terrible things that can happen so it can be avoided. Most people only see the outside of aircrafts but don’t know how important the actual structure of the plane, the structure of the plan can be the difference maker between a comfortable flight or a bumpy one.

1510 classifies aircrafts fixed wings that are on a completed aircraft and not end items, attachments, and parts, which are put into their own category. 1520 is the rotary wing on the aircraft and includes helicopters but excludes the assemblies or accessories. In structural components 1540 stands for gliders, this can even me a motorized glider. The number 1550 stands for drones, this includes drones that a created specifically for targets, missile evaluation, training, and photographic reconnaissance. But excludes anything that was converted into drone use like guided missiles and piloted aircraft.

  • FSC 1510 – Fixed Wing Aircrafts
  • FSC 1520 – Rotary Wing Aircrafts
  • FSC 1540 – All Gliders
  • FSC 1550 – Unmanned Aircrafts / Drones
  • FSC 1555 – Vehicles Traveling into Space
  • FSC 1560 – Airframe Structural Components

1560 describes the airframe structural components like fabricated system parts that are attached to aircraft like ribs, spars, bulkheads, and stabilizers. Some examples of these are trim tabs, flight control surfaces and external auxiliary fuel tanks. Helicopter rotor brake system components and aircraft lose equipment are excluded in class 1560.

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