FSG 16 Aircraft Components and Accessories Catalog

The key for having a functional safe Aircraft begins with its components and accessories, from the smallest things of placing the bolts and screws in the correct places and making sure everything is aligned so that the structure can be sturdy and firm. Most people only see the outside of aircrafts but don’t see the little components and accessories that hold everything together. Some of these little components can go for thousands of dollars because they withstand hot temperatures and high pressures.

The number 1615 classifies helicopter rotor blades, drive mechanisms and components used in rotor blades and helicopter drive mechanisms. Also, those specially designed parts that transmit to the rotary rudder and the rotary wing. 1640 stands for aircraft control cable products, which are wire stands, wire rope, control pulleys, and wire rope. Aircraft air conditioning, heating, and pressurizing equipment like the fixed oxygen system, cabin pressure regulators, cabin supercharging equipment, and air expansion turbines are classifying under 1660. Another class in the Aircraft Component and Accessories is class 1680, which is miscellaneous aircraft accessories and components that include control assemblies, ventilators, electric windshield wipers, etc.

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