FSC 1670 Parachutes Aerial Pick Up Delivery Recovery Systems and Cargo Tie Down Equipment Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 1670 parachutes aerial pick up delivery recovery systems and cargo tie down equipment

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
TV2-0032-005-001 drogue parachute st Uninsured United Parachute 1670-01-577-6905 Avl RFQ
340-3317565 ring assy cargo tie Tracor Flight Systems Inc 1670-00-309-1252 Avl RFQ
D117138-1 plate retainer harness Pioneer Aerospace Corp 1670-01-025-5287 Avl RFQ
HE190-9002-0003 pilot chute Rockwell International Corp 1670-00-119-5655 Avl RFQ
71339 bag flotation Keaster Products Incorporated 1670-01-044-3814 Avl RFQ
149-5076 parachute cargo Sargent Fletcher Inc 1670-01-531-0601 Avl RFQ
GID51-147 riser parachute air Irvine Industrial Supply Inc 1670-00-684-9730 Avl RFQ
KM4302-A1 platform kit assemb Integrated Procurement Technologies 1670-01-499-1464 Avl RFQ
GID54-503 service disconnect Airborne Systems Ltd 1670-01-034-3782 Avl RFQ
811812-0 toggle parachute Airborne Systems Ltd 1670-01-525-5339 Avl RFQ
980100-3 quick release personnel parachute harness H Koch And Sons Co 1670-01-469-2434 Avl RFQ
192F0113-101 service disconnect Ganar Industries Inc 1670-01-034-3782 Avl RFQ
14711-546-12 wrench assy ratchet Aar Manufacturing Inc 1670-00-799-5792 Avl RFQ
63J4261-4 sling cargo aerial San Antonio Air Logistics Center 1670-00-753-3790 Avl RFQ
IAC-A-6773 window Airborne Systems Canada Ltd 1670-01-132-0803 Avl RFQ
827313-OZ-XXX handle reserve ripc Airborne Systems Ltd 1670-01-439-6748 Avl RFQ
3F31087-109 adapter tie down ai Tect Aerospace Inc 1670-00-077-0147 Avl RFQ
7963083-001 panel assembly main Ge Aviation Systems Llc 1670-01-397-2484 Avl RFQ
71322 pilot chute Irvine Industrial Supply Inc 1670-01-095-5365 Avl RFQ
836212-0 bag canopy recovery Airborne Systems Ltd 1670-01-572-6173 Avl RFQ
483984-2 tie down cargo airc Raytheon Technical Services Company 1670-01-007-7241 Avl RFQ
4402916-501 ring assy Boeing Company The 1670-00-505-5521 Avl RFQ
9-37376 terminal assy drag The Boeing Company 1670-00-572-9591 Avl RFQ
65-31960-7 cargo tie down equi The Boeing Company 1670-01-185-5128 Avl RFQ
45D18810 quick release perso San Antonio Air Logistics Center 1670-00-131-9695 Avl RFQ
17961-135-5 rail assembly cargo Aar Manufacturing Inc 1670-01-497-1738 Avl RFQ
VV85120133-10 rail assembly cente Ver Val Enterprises Inc 1670-01-228-5315 Avl RFQ
9188 ring assy vee Zodiac Aerosafety Systems 1670-00-986-1139 Avl RFQ
CPS-143-158 dummy parachute dro Complete Parachute Solutions Inc 1670-01-631-5158 Avl RFQ
C5445-1 streamer assembly Steinthal M And Co Inc 1670-00-243-2291 Avl RFQ
483984-14 tie down cargo airc Raytheon Technical Services Company 1670-00-187-7393 Avl RFQ
3516AS6300-1 pack drogue chute Simula Safety Systems Inc 1670-01-502-9457 Avl RFQ
C8852 canopy personnel pa Para Gear Equipment Co 1670-01-431-4461 Avl RFQ
114S2893-26 adapter tie down The Boeing Company 1670-01-662-3365 Avl RFQ
830248-OX-CG riser parachute Airborne Systems Ltd 1670-01-608-8508 Avl RFQ
119-100 rip cord parachute Sagem Avionics Llc 1670-00-555-7677 Avl RFQ
11768-185 rail subassembly se Aar Manufacturing Inc 1670-01-045-5707 Avl RFQ
CPS-132-756 deployment bag parachute Complete Parachute Solutions Inc 1670-01-669-2526 Avl RFQ
217S680P-2 harness personnel p East West Industries Inc 1670-00-389-8728 Avl RFQ
94C213-1 strap retrieval San Antonio Air Logistics Center 1670-01-466-1078 Avl RFQ
11768-201-2 flange assembly Aar Manufacturing Inc 1670-01-337-4653 Avl RFQ
SP4038 tie down kit cargo Breeze Eastern Corporation 1670-00-545-9062 Avl RFQ
1979AS154-1 release reefing lin Simula Safety Systems Inc 1670-01-500-6549 Avl RFQ
65H17127 riser assembly para San Antonio Air Logistics Center 1670-00-589-9145 Avl RFQ
811176 409 loop parachute Mag Aerospace Industries Inc 1670-00-195-2064 Avl RFQ
45883-10 tie down cargo airc Ancra International Llc 1670-00-516-8405 Avl RFQ
755637562610 canopy personnel pa Ncb Hungary Honvedsegi Egyseges 1670-01-379-6405 Avl RFQ
67J2010 harness personnel p Aeronautical And Support Equipment 1670-00-106-6482 Avl RFQ
25-6090-501 riser terminal asse The Boeing Company 1670-00-770-9753 Avl RFQ
14711-422 tube frame assembly Warner Robins Air Logistics Center 1670-00-797-0259 Avl RFQ

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