FSC 2040 Marine Hardware and Hull Items Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 2040 marine hardware and hull items

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
500519 column TRW INC 2040-00-393-3764 Avl RFQ
19-80-0994 silencer duct Industrial Acoustics Company Inc 2040-01-087-7465 Avl RFQ
A62402-LPD-187 PC 15 THRU 26 dog door marine Railway Specialties Corporation 2040-01-515-8330 Avl RFQ
074268-4 connector thru hull Sea Cure Technology Inc 2040-01-165-3897 Avl RFQ
M18056Y steerer Foote Jones Illinois Gear Co 2040-00-385-9001 Avl RFQ
035648-5 chock bow Sea Cure Technology Inc 2040-01-108-1645 Avl RFQ
7-3814 ITEM 2 SHEET 2 piston rod assembly Tactair Fluid Controls Inc 2040-01-107-0545 Avl RFQ
L43154G02 hinge assembly marine structural metal door GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2040-01-515-8321 Avl RFQ
9861-011X48ASSYSHEAVE cam assembly sheave Electric Boat Corporation 2040-00-823-5184 Avl RFQ
301H die non adjustable THOMAS AND BETTS CORPORATION 2040-01-134-9549 Avl RFQ
580918-001 mechanism handle Pacific Consolidated Industries Llc 2040-01-588-2804 Avl RFQ
2463-63PCD3 plate seachest cove Electric Boat Corporation 2040-00-564-3006 Avl RFQ
M7018 strut 0mcc Inc 2040-00-385-8769 Avl RFQ
003024 counterweight head Chatham Precision Inc 2040-00-972-8587 Avl RFQ
72643-65X4 PIECE 1 disk Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-159-8691 Avl RFQ
W-256PC17 spider hatch Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 2040-01-435-7978 Avl RFQ
87692-1806 PC 26 retainer Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-138-6550 Avl RFQ
ABJ-3030-18 mech tongue lift Saginaw Products Corporation 2040-01-394-6126 Avl RFQ
A566-272 retainer lens Chatham Precision Inc 2040-00-896-6750 Avl RFQ
6981356-004 web sgment assembly Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-443-6210 Avl RFQ
7257401100 seg 5 outer bag Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-476-3182 Avl RFQ
87531-0701 ITEM 15 staff ensign Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-236-2753 Avl RFQ
87434-2511 ITEM 2 gland actuator Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-084-7660 Avl RFQ
2155-230 ASSY 93 dogging assembly Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 2040-01-260-4509 Avl RFQ
211047909 bearing pawl Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 2040-01-444-8022 Avl RFQ
B-314903 OFN-002 door metal marine s Railway Specialties Corporation 2040-01-454-0780 Avl RFQ
7D3-05609 REV D IT21 dog door marine Oldenburg Group Incorporated 2040-01-438-3994 Avl RFQ
4020-5 12IN cleat rope North And Judd Inc 2040-01-154-0444 Avl RFQ
2156-40 ASSY 99 door metal marine s Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 2040-01-238-3128 Avl RFQ
2155-149 door metal marine s Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 2040-01-219-5350 Avl RFQ
CC71-33 window non icing Cornell Carr Co Inc 2040-01-050-1142 Avl RFQ
5749340-004 segment side Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-458-9049 Avl RFQ
4-3814-18-1 snubber assembly Tactair Fluid Controls Inc 2040-01-107-0550 Avl RFQ
5749394-002 cone outboard port Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-203-0492 Avl RFQ
AA52303-E hook boat Federal Commercial Item Description 2040-00-287-5495 Avl RFQ
5749376-049 tie assembly Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-342-0817 Avl RFQ
25-55004-9 wiper foil assembly The Boeing Company 2040-00-501-7914 Avl RFQ
KS-25709-73 window marine Cornell Carr Co Inc 2040-01-305-4296 Avl RFQ
4687556-0011 piston accumulator Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-091-5232 Avl RFQ
4678208-0025 pin lock breech doo Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-124-2363 Avl RFQ
H821-0201-A3 door metal marine s Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-542-8215 Avl RFQ
CC1071-24 window unit electri Cornell Carr Co Inc 2040-00-019-6249 Avl RFQ
F085263 dog assembly hatch Oldenburg Group Incorporated 2040-01-596-1776 Avl RFQ
13207E1779 anchor marine fluke Cecom Lr Center 2040-00-436-4272 Avl RFQ
13226E0637 window side screen Cecom Lr Center 2040-01-120-4495 Avl RFQ
SA81-2057 amplifier solid sta Agilent Technologies Inc 2040-01-138-0093 Avl RFQ
488 6868-001 handle door Cargotec Usa Inc 2040-01-493-6089 Avl RFQ
A547-325 clamp prism Chatham Precision Inc 2040-00-972-8531 Avl RFQ
H643-1510-F57 connection ventilat Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-518-0058 Avl RFQ
H515-0102 seal assembly retra Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-501-3323 Avl RFQ

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