FSC 2040 Marine Hardware and Hull Items Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 2040 marine hardware and hull items

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
7-3814 ITEM 2 SHEET 2 piston rod assembly Tactair Fluid Controls Inc 2040-01-107-0545 Avl RFQ
43BC28FT cable control Incom International Inc 2040-00-854-9895 Avl RFQ
KS-25537-9 window marine Cornell Carr Co Inc 2040-01-346-5192 Avl RFQ
P1304-2 mount collective le Chatham Precision Inc 2040-00-468-8187 Avl RFQ
KS-25708-47 window marine Cornell Carr Co Inc 2040-01-287-7456 Avl RFQ
TIP00265-19MAY70 strut rudder Cecom Lr Center 2040-00-061-4666 Avl RFQ
D-301J die non adjustable Thomas And Betts Corporation 2040-01-134-9569 Avl RFQ
H841-0304-A1 hinge assembly mari Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-491-6532 Avl RFQ
H682-6701-56 hinge assembly mari Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-491-4346 Avl RFQ
77633-15X37PC10 insulator Electric Boat Corporation 2040-00-878-2214 Avl RFQ
2661593 runner assembly pro Parker Hannifin Ltd 2040-01-137-7886 Avl RFQ
328947 plate Brp Us Inc 2040-01-232-6828 Avl RFQ
2680-002X1T2-1 wrench hatch Electric Boat Corporation 2040-00-863-8025 Avl RFQ
5749403-003 lobe assembly Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-307-5115 Avl RFQ
A-78077-A seal assy propeller Fmc Technologies Inc 2040-01-099-6681 Avl RFQ
87541-0701 ITEM 40 rod threaded trunk Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-087-5276 Avl RFQ
7401562-001 strake fwd Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-476-7241 Avl RFQ
ABJ-3030-18 mech tongue lift Saginaw Products Corporation 2040-01-394-6126 Avl RFQ
V16-001-102 cable assembly spec Cecom Lr Center 2040-00-981-5173 Avl RFQ
25-55004-14 wiper foil assembly The Boeing Company 2040-00-501-7922 Avl RFQ
NBDL-84INLG hood ventilator Gaylord Industries Inc 2040-01-333-1844 Avl RFQ
5750599-004 deflector bow corne Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-466-0868 Avl RFQ
7401509-001 segment 3 side Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-479-0019 Avl RFQ
5749349-061 suppressor spray Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-458-6189 Avl RFQ
5749383-001 joint breakdown sta Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-211-1605 Avl RFQ
13226E0221 buoyancy block Cecom Lr Center 2040-01-123-7957 Avl RFQ
215-1592X215-14 hatch Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 2040-01-231-4318 Avl RFQ
75-97-3080 snubber assembly Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-093-5736 Avl RFQ
009732-9 strut shaft Sea Cure Technology Inc 2040-01-103-6758 Avl RFQ
7264867-001 plate backing Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-476-6348 Avl RFQ
7285577-082 finger 54 Avon Engineered Fabrications Inc 2040-01-476-4191 Avl RFQ
B-314902 0FN.003-35 scuttle marine Railway Specialties Corporation 2040-01-452-0072 Avl RFQ
2157-132 ASSY 97 hatch marine Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 2040-01-453-4738 Avl RFQ
LH5167613 ASSY2 dog door marine Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 2040-01-454-9960 Avl RFQ
2155-166 door metal marine s Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 2040-01-223-9995 Avl RFQ
624D-2155-333 door Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 2040-01-227-6143 Avl RFQ
87725-4505 PE00691 pad eye Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-128-5935 Avl RFQ
G5448PC2 rudder and stock 0mcc Inc 2040-00-393-3717 Avl RFQ
012193 cable control Sea Cure Technology Inc 2040-01-177-8876 Avl RFQ
526-4669078-29 liner forward inner The Boeing Company 2040-01-147-7549 Avl RFQ
16200661 insert Coltec Industries Inc 2040-01-178-1383 Avl RFQ
G5203PC20 log shaft 0mcc Inc 2040-00-385-8779 Avl RFQ
4775872-0016 bracket sheave Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-115-5721 Avl RFQ
201C die non adjustable Thomas And Betts Corporation 2040-01-134-9594 Avl RFQ
6501-14 ITEM 67 piston snorkel mast Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 2040-01-160-0838 Avl RFQ
87861-1501 ITEM 2 crosshead assembly Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-071-4427 Avl RFQ
2D3-05666 sheave bracket Oldenburg Group Incorporated 2040-01-442-4047 Avl RFQ
528010CHR plate pipe deck Perko Inc 2040-00-409-0066 Avl RFQ
803-6397268 ASSY 1 NO HASP door metal marine s Railway Specialties Corporation 2040-00-554-3532 Avl RFQ
9864-270X3 PIECE 7 mast exhaust Electric Boat Corporation 2040-01-211-3899 Avl RFQ

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