FSC 2825 Steam Turbines and Components Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 2825 steam turbines and components

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
328D376PC1AND129B491PC2-6ANDK66 nozzle block turbin GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-508-3177 Avl RFQ
916164 valve governor TURBODYNE CORP 2825-01-146-3486 Avl RFQ
M133HA bellows steam turbi Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-01-170-2487 Avl RFQ
717066 seat governor valve Ram Centrifugal Products Inc 2825-00-671-4542 Avl RFQ
F30PC45 gland labyrinth tur Ingersoll Dresser Pump Co 2825-00-564-7140 Avl RFQ
G8715PC12 lever governor Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-343-2050 Avl RFQ
G8886PC27 weight Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-175-9185 Avl RFQ
G8967PC37 shaft Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-175-7660 Avl RFQ
HJ-25ESX2 ring guide bucket Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-01-163-3559 Avl RFQ
G9067PC17 shaft Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-385-9406 Avl RFQ
9442-9444D1A342 nozzle steam turbin TERRY CORPORATION 2825-00-390-4086 Avl RFQ
G8481PC7 shaft Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-175-9182 Avl RFQ
G5634PC41 lever Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-175-9097 Avl RFQ
G9138PC44-45 head assembly Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-125-7119 Avl RFQ
101B434YAG-1 deflector dirt and GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-01-392-3995 Avl RFQ
101C429BYPC6 valve inner governor GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-304-5445 Avl RFQ
G4813APC42-47 head assembly Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-125-7119 Avl RFQ
62E62 basket turbine Ametek Inc 2825-00-827-1606 Avl RFQ
101B124AC1 coupling cylinder GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-317-3861 Avl RFQ
3196213PC1 seal assy oil Lowe Charles Co 2825-00-343-9743 Avl RFQ
915D903-27 blade set steam tur Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-795-4858 Avl RFQ
17F482PC2-3 gear assembly helic Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-036-3574 Avl RFQ
915D942H06 wrench balance plug Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-023-1669 Avl RFQ
CS1757933 deflector assembly Calabrese And Sons Inc 2825-00-175-7933 Avl RFQ
5995257G-2 blade set steam tur GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-372-7424 Avl RFQ
63547 block knife edge TURBODYNE CORP 2825-00-509-6319 Avl RFQ
635J776PC10 diaphragm turbine Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-961-9042 Avl RFQ
915D512-20 blade set steam tur Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-670-7649 Avl RFQ
63509 retainer bearing va TURBODYNE CORP 2825-01-248-6037 Avl RFQ
176002 blading set turbine Dresser Rand Company 2825-00-066-6070 Avl RFQ
512C179A24 blade set steam tur Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-710-8398 Avl RFQ
101B285CB2 valve assembly cont GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-480-1671 Avl RFQ
91260 packing assembly la Dresser Rand Company 2825-00-591-8126 Avl RFQ
101B236SJ1X101A1 packing assembly la Dresser Rand Company 2825-00-786-4249 Avl RFQ
221-592 flyweight governor Hardie Tynes Co Inc 2825-00-592-8182 Avl RFQ
101B285CFG9 valve turbine GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-824-4594 Avl RFQ
63457 valve pilot Curtiss Wright Electro Mechanical 2825-00-509-6317 Avl RFQ
101B236ALG3 packing assembly la GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-509-8630 Avl RFQ
101L460ADPC36 valve control throt GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-691-5752 Avl RFQ
101C401AXPC1 nozzle block turbin GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-776-2014 Avl RFQ
101G376AEG2 blading segment tur GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-778-4836 Avl RFQ
7027E53AD33 casing exhaust uppe GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-01-175-6335 Avl RFQ
101C203AYG2 trip assembly overs GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-01-307-8289 Avl RFQ
1801FSH1PC3 strainer valve Atwood And Morrill Co Inc 2825-00-336-9200 Avl RFQ
D15-548BPC758 head Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-146-0099 Avl RFQ
101B313REP1 rod lift steam turb GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-01-077-2425 Avl RFQ
G8577PC42 cover valve body Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-337-0997 Avl RFQ
2013F valve throttle turb Atwood And Morrill Co Inc 2825-00-373-0660 Avl RFQ
D15-430IPC307 knife edge weight g Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-388-6815 Avl RFQ
101A145AJ1 block pivot steam t GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-01-177-8568 Avl RFQ

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