FSC 2825 Steam Turbines and Components

Part Number List for FSC 2825 steam turbines and components

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
660118 ring piston TURBODYNE CORP 2825-01-054-3290 Avl RFQ
KMC-60-284PC401 piston Krobach Mfg Corp 2825-00-317-4563 Avl RFQ
5935788PC1T05 blade set steam tur GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-372-7833 Avl RFQ
26241A81 seat assy Ametek Inc 2825-00-446-8607 Avl RFQ
0-170-002-01 cover sump magnetic Vericor Power Systems Llc 2825-01-197-2039 Avl RFQ
439B624 PC6 packing ring assemb GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-827-1167 Avl RFQ
62-0118 nozzle assy Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-343-2051 Avl RFQ
5938242 nozzle diaphragm tu GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-372-9212 Avl RFQ
MLT8012308QPC2 disk assy GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-175-7768 Avl RFQ
F133PC21 nozzle block turbin Ingersoll Dresser Pump Co 2825-00-564-7139 Avl RFQ
D56008PC1 diaphragm steam tur Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-074-9074 Avl RFQ
1007G94-003 rod piston cylinder GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-01-029-9239 Avl RFQ
60-208PC105 packing sleeve Hardie Tynes Co Inc 2825-00-317-4327 Avl RFQ
60-1073 adapter steam turbi Hardie Tynes Co Inc 2825-01-431-3351 Avl RFQ
60-284PC407 retainer spring Hardie Tynes Co Inc 2825-00-671-4523 Avl RFQ
5938500G1 bearing assembly GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-175-7959 Avl RFQ
336D489PC11 nozzle diaphragm tu GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-023-1779 Avl RFQ
7506E55P1 lifting device roto GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-097-0723 Avl RFQ
B-19142 filter element flui Falls Filtration Technologies Inc 2825-01-269-1657 Avl RFQ
C61577PC2 packing assembly la Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-758-2995 Avl RFQ
2JB948-1 baffle oil assy Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-330-9366 Avl RFQ
12-6191-U thrust bearing asse Kingsbury Inc 2825-01-057-8585 Avl RFQ
43A14PC90 valve guarding Ametek Inc 2825-00-376-4506 Avl RFQ
12210AND24670 ball and socket ass TERRY CORPORATION 2825-00-389-9793 Avl RFQ
MS-1899L strongbackxaft Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-915-6478 Avl RFQ
4397-32-3-1X2 bearing assembly ro Bethlehem Steel Corp 2825-00-148-6726 Avl RFQ
S-922 PIECE 60 ring piston TYCO VALVES AND CONTROLS LTD 2825-01-270-7868 Avl RFQ
LH63611 PIECE 3.2 shield windage TURBODYNE CORP 2825-01-170-7080 Avl RFQ
17J663PC113T0115 ring carbon packing Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-394-8697 Avl RFQ
4-00-06-16PC51T053 flyweight assy gove Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-146-4272 Avl RFQ
LH63611PC9-36 retainer spring TURBODYNE CORP 2825-00-509-6325 Avl RFQ
7378E65P36 rod gland seal regu GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-01-093-7654 Avl RFQ
252L807PC55 packing assembly la GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-906-4700 Avl RFQ
919C930PC6 blade set steam tur Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-795-4863 Avl RFQ
G17187PC55 ring nozzle Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-383-6366 Avl RFQ
647E928PC1 turbine rotor turbi GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-903-5021 Avl RFQ
53ND6668 valve governor Dresser Rand Company 2825-00-076-3834 Avl RFQ
G17014PC64-65-71 carbon ring assembl Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-097-1657 Avl RFQ
2026 packing assy carbon American Carbon Industries Capin 2825-00-388-1176 Avl RFQ
5937539PC1T05 blade set steam tur GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-372-8067 Avl RFQ
31816 slide assembly Dresser Rand Company 2825-00-389-8650 Avl RFQ
7378E19ITEM31 valve poppet turbin GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-716-8846 Avl RFQ
5568193PC25AND6666346PC2 blade set steam tur GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-372-7808 Avl RFQ
5557786 nozzle diaphragm tu GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-372-9451 Avl RFQ
9432-8PCSTBDUNIT valve manifold Bethlehem Steel Corp 2825-00-376-1401 Avl RFQ
E11752-1PC112-113 shaft and gear asse Timken Gears And Services Inc 2825-00-036-3304 Avl RFQ
4973596P1 holder assembly GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-175-8198 Avl RFQ
509E142CAPC1 diaphragm turbine GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2825-00-104-6986 Avl RFQ
52-0605 nozzle diaphragm tu Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-659-2383 Avl RFQ
MS141FFX2XVGJ235 gland packing Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-491-2421 Avl RFQ

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