FSC 2825 Steam Turbines and Components Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 2825 steam turbines and components

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
WW6667888SH3PC36 spindle screw General Electric Inc 2825-00-035-9466 Avl RFQ
1JC6158H10 valve poppet steam Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-992-0662 Avl RFQ
60-656 collar blower Hardie Tynes Co Inc 2825-00-950-1881 Avl RFQ
D15-613APC311 knife edge spindle Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-394-8424 Avl RFQ
2841 ring seal oil shaft Lear Siegler Inc 2825-00-388-1199 Avl RFQ
395-08 bearing assy Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-301-4965 Avl RFQ
91022-701 cup governor Dresser Rand Company 2825-00-591-8522 Avl RFQ
1JD6454PC22 blade set steam tur Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-627-0424 Avl RFQ
22994-22996-26292 stuffing box Terry Corporation 2825-00-389-9746 Avl RFQ
PL162L447-55T055D blade set steam tur General Electric Inc 2825-00-395-3922 Avl RFQ
D15-648BPC243 adapter ball bearin Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-148-1912 Avl RFQ
D15-496KPC648-658 bushing with pin Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-446-9319 Avl RFQ
D10420PC17 guide knife Dresser Rand Company 2825-00-145-2313 Avl RFQ
63546 pivot governor stea Curtiss Wright Electro Mechanical 2825-01-183-0664 Avl RFQ
G8411PC63T065-67T070 bearing assembly jo Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-125-7188 Avl RFQ
D15-496JPC827 body Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-146-4227 Avl RFQ
103D366G1 bearing assembly fo General Electric Inc 2825-00-394-8283 Avl RFQ
101C315BX-1 piston steam turbine General Electric Inc 2825-01-278-4079 Avl RFQ
G10228PC118T0120 blade assembly stat Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-125-7192 Avl RFQ
B50001PC485T0490 blade set steam tur Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-659-2458 Avl RFQ
D15-509WPC1137 head Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-146-0099 Avl RFQ
9987-993 ITEM 70 sleeve pilot valve Woodward Machine Corporation 2825-01-029-1924 Avl RFQ
134B245AEP1XPL pipe assembly pump General Electric Inc 2825-01-169-2586 Avl RFQ
H-2238 PIECE 450 blading set turbine Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-895-6871 Avl RFQ
2427 liner assembly Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-388-1181 Avl RFQ
WW5329677 turbine steam General Electric Inc 2825-00-227-9615 Avl RFQ
29J358PC141 shaft Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-339-4541 Avl RFQ
PL111L111GR0UP6 blade set steam turbine General Electric Inc 2825-00-372-8069 Avl RFQ
G7584PC37 shaft Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-175-7660 Avl RFQ
G8135PC46 plate guide Siemens Demag Delaval 2825-00-385-9403 Avl RFQ
41015 block Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-148-1799 Avl RFQ
6645905-5 bearing assy General Electric Inc 2825-00-339-4448 Avl RFQ
610-180PC7AND610-16PC1-15AND610 blade set steam turbine Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 2825-00-372-6652 Avl RFQ
LISTT0013PCS1 body valve Tuthill Corp 2825-00-383-6291 Avl RFQ
60-415PC357 needle steam inlet Hardie Tynes Co Inc 2825-00-560-6705 Avl RFQ
181E491-1 turbine rotor turbi Dresser Rand Company 2825-01-390-8774 Avl RFQ
40507 reversing chamber Dresser Rand Company 2825-00-309-0011 Avl RFQ
D15-463PPC539 knife edge spindle Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-394-8424 Avl RFQ
577E877PC38 packing ring assemb General Electric Inc 2825-00-895-6686 Avl RFQ
D15-665APC650-669 seat w nut Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-446-9419 Avl RFQ
958E354 ITEM 11 cap spring General Electric Inc 2825-01-093-7681 Avl RFQ
101L464BA64 nozzle diaphragm tu General Electric Inc 2825-00-778-4888 Avl RFQ
L-2131 deflector dirt and R P S Inc 2825-00-824-4589 Avl RFQ
CUTXL0013PCS1 body valve Tuthill Corp 2825-00-383-6291 Avl RFQ
666J925PC56 post steam chest li Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-778-7290 Avl RFQ
D15-6510PC1136 guide Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-146-4226 Avl RFQ
D15-332TPC484 piston Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-446-9375 Avl RFQ
248L408-65 nozzle diaphragm tu General Electric Inc 2825-00-653-1662 Avl RFQ
D15-308GPC192-19 weight assembly Westinghouse Electric Corp 2825-00-388-6898 Avl RFQ
BK53B1904 valve governor Dresser Rand Company 2825-00-960-0026 Avl RFQ

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