FSC 2840 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines Aircraft Prime Moving and Components Catalog

We provides complete database of FSC, browse 5033T21P01 Trunnion Bellcrank - 2840-01-131-0485, 511708 Disk Compressor Air - 2840-00-106-5768, 487590 Bracket Case Compre - 2840-00-963-7484, 1382M38P01 Insulation Blanket - 2840-01-303-7982, AE700038-2 Manifold Main Right - 2840-00-919-4260 online under Federal Supply Class 2840 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines Aircraft Prime Moving and Components database. Here is a complete list of leading manufacturers of 2840 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines Aircraft Prime Moving and Components. Quote us by selecting your required part number from the part number list.

Part Number List for FSC 2840 gas turbines and jet engines aircraft prime moving and components

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
5033T21P01 trunnion bellcrank General Electric Inc 2840-01-131-0485 Avl RFQ
511708 disk compressor air United Technologies Corporation 2840-00-106-5768 Avl RFQ
487590 bracket case compre United Technologies Corporation 2840-00-963-7484 Avl RFQ
1382M38P01 insulation blanket General Electric Inc 2840-01-303-7982 Avl RFQ
AE700038-2 manifold main right Eaton Corporation 2840-00-919-4260 Avl RFQ
9978M69G44 seal air aircraft g Unison Engine Components Inc 2840-01-188-3653 Avl RFQ
643E116P3-186 blade turbine rotor General Electric Inc 2840-00-870-7793 Avl RFQ
679806 manifold assy after United Technologies Corporation 2840-00-138-6081 Avl RFQ
596041 cover packing United Technologies Corporation 2840-00-857-5088 Avl RFQ
5045T38G02 shroud sector turbi General Electric Inc 2840-01-108-1278 Avl RFQ
488080 bracket case turbin United Technologies Corporation 2840-00-075-6046 Avl RFQ
578C130P7 bolt compressor rot Bristol Industries 2840-00-703-2183 Avl RFQ
530751CL6 vane turbine nozzle United Technologies Corporation 2840-00-908-1262 Avl RFQ
8512M40P02QQ seal honeycomb spad Jet Avion Corporation 2840-01-284-6425 Avl RFQ
1460M89G05 fairing turbine air General Electric Inc 2840-01-504-1832 Avl RFQ
301-579-120-0 shaft turbine aircr General Electric Inc 2840-01-187-3189 Avl RFQ
5051M95G06 housing antifrictio Lewis Machine Llc 2840-01-189-2636 Avl RFQ
3012905 ring mounting top r Pratt And Whitney Canada Corp 2840-00-837-2087 Avl RFQ
5007T42P12 blade compressor ai General Electric Inc 2840-01-491-9585 Avl RFQ
39043 seal ring labyrinth Williams International Co L L C 2840-01-283-8900 Avl RFQ
695869 case combustion chamber aircraft gas turbine engin United Technologies Corporation 2840-00-404-9305 Avl RFQ
P203P07 vane compressor air General Electric Inc 2840-01-435-8550 Avl RFQ
23038155 N/A Rolls Royce Inc 2840-01-526-2581 Avl RFQ
JS30682 power turbine module aircraft ga Rolls Royce Inc 2840-01-657-0975 Avl RFQ
1284M83G07 shroud segment turb Electro Methods Ltd 2840-01-339-2177 Avl RFQ
4083057 liner combustion ch United Technologies Corporation 2840-01-421-9737 Avl RFQ
6054T79P14 blade turbine rotor General Electric Inc 2840-01-296-7437 Avl RFQ
8A1877 seal air aircraft g United Technologies Corporation 2840-01-408-2147 Avl RFQ
744877 seal air aircraft gas turbine engine Turbo Power And Marine System Inc 2840-00-124-5398 Avl RFQ
416B902P1 nozzle hub General Electric Inc 2840-00-628-0178 Avl RFQ
618167 bracket tube oil co United Technologies Corporation 2840-00-922-4367 Avl RFQ
9514M71P04-100 shaft turbine aircr Cfm International Inc 2840-01-628-0320 Avl RFQ
768378 tank lubricating oi International Aerospace Ltd 2840-01-226-9005 Avl RFQ
4084790 nozzle augmenter ex United Technologies Corporation 2840-01-456-0391 Avl RFQ
4054T56G01 parts kit gas turbi General Electric Inc 2840-01-519-3400 Avl RFQ
6900T78G04 matched assembly rotor stator General Electric Inc 2840-01-308-6974 Avl RFQ
358058CLK shaft collar United Technologies Corporation 2840-00-767-5994 Avl RFQ
4320662-01 seal ring labyrinth United Technologies Corporation 2840-01-495-3776 Avl RFQ
346008 handle and shaft co Turbo Power And Marine System Inc 2840-00-670-3981 Avl RFQ
9340M41G02 housing gearbox tur General Electric Inc 2840-01-192-7480 Avl RFQ
4052244 bracket assy engine Turbo Power And Marine System Inc 2840-01-064-1756 Avl RFQ
4081704 vane compressor air United Technologies Corporation 2840-01-205-1298 Avl RFQ
10158634 clamp half studded Paaesikunta Logistiikkaosasto 2840-01-142-8825 Avl RFQ
23057371 disk compressor air Rolls Royce Inc 2840-01-499-7387 Avl RFQ
480427 flange gearbox driv Turbo Power And Marine System Inc 2840-00-927-4825 Avl RFQ
23062999 thermocouple assy t Rolls Royce Inc 2840-01-463-8204 Avl RFQ
434500 engine gas turbine United Technologies Corporation 2840-01-475-2550 Avl RFQ
874C646G1 tube rod end Unison Industries Llc 2840-00-898-2326 Avl RFQ
21C1161P010 container General Electric Inc 2840-00-753-5400 Avl RFQ
696D813G03 fairing mid ringfan General Electric Inc 2840-01-246-0003 Avl RFQ

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