FSC 2840 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines Aircraft Prime Moving and Components Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 2840 gas turbines and jet engines aircraft prime moving and components

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
4048687A plug assembly compr UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-00-347-9645 Avl RFQ
313126 nozzle lubricating Turbo Power And Marine System Inc 2840-00-533-5694 Avl RFQ
9173M88G10 locking lug assembl GENERAL MOTORS LLC 2840-01-064-0178 Avl RFQ
2197858 duct augmentor airc UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-00-352-5536 Avl RFQ
572081 stop power lever cr UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-00-011-9952 Avl RFQ
041294-105 seal metallic aircr RUBBERCRAFT CORPORATION 2840-01-462-2822 Avl RFQ
657367 tube cooling air se Turbo Power And Marine System Inc 2840-00-406-2894 Avl RFQ
416B736P2 spacer compressor v GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-346-6775 Avl RFQ
2189480 case assembly compr UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-01-389-3664 Avl RFQ
712039 retainer housing fu Teledyne Technologies Incorporated 2840-00-402-3106 Avl RFQ
9103M94G01 panel assy hub fan GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-403-0119 Avl RFQ
5900T12G01 strut front frame GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-835-0239 Avl RFQ
2190751CL10 nozzle assembly tur UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-01-290-4597 Avl RFQ
4051623 spacer compressor Turbo Power And Marine System Inc 2840-01-092-1150 Avl RFQ
4052369 support augmentor c UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-01-084-0183 Avl RFQ
516D279P1 cone turbine frame GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-962-1740 Avl RFQ
99-1090301 casing rear group Nato Stock Number Assigned 2840-00-468-6488 Avl RFQ
443883 bracket assembly oi Satellite Aerospace Incorporated 2840-00-802-5748 Avl RFQ
5010T04P04 blade fan aircraft GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-325-1296 Avl RFQ
572742 nozzle combustion a UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-00-400-9216 Avl RFQ
2193M18G02 duct turbine aircra GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-01-534-3232 Avl RFQ
736L881G01 parts kit turbine e GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-01-528-6870 Avl RFQ
699005006 ditu control lane a ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-01-497-8279 Avl RFQ
5168T94P01 clamp hinged Transdigm Inc 2840-01-666-6899 Avl RFQ
220027 lock compressor bla Curtiss Wright Controls Inc 2840-00-313-3863 Avl RFQ
4050T15G01 N/A GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-199-5235 Avl RFQ
38256 seal ring labyrinth Williams International Co L L C 2840-01-295-1654 Avl RFQ
315200 vent UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-00-562-5387 Avl RFQ
618684 plate seal compress UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-00-325-1428 Avl RFQ
4049091 seal air aircraft g CHROMALLOY GAS TURBINE LLC 2840-01-090-0512 Avl RFQ
220263Y1 case turbine aircra Curtiss Wright Controls Inc 2840-00-028-7411 Avl RFQ
10158766 retainer seal bores Paaesikunta Logistiikkaosasto 2840-01-412-7830 Avl RFQ
471870 seal ring bleed con UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-00-919-6923 Avl RFQ
10158632 clamp tube hinged Paaesikunta Logistiikkaosasto 2840-01-142-8822 Avl RFQ
2181611 disk compressor air UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-01-152-6601 Avl RFQ
10158704 piston assembly wel Paaesikunta Logistiikkaosasto 2840-01-232-8894 Avl RFQ
2187918 liner combustion ch UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-01-315-0509 Avl RFQ
10158568 clamp hinged one tu Paaesikunta Logistiikkaosasto 2840-01-139-7115 Avl RFQ
10158498 clamp tube hinged Paaesikunta Logistiikkaosasto 2840-01-131-4741 Avl RFQ
6702858 cage Allison Transmission Inc 2840-00-048-3924 Avl RFQ
6706678 support bearing air GENERAL MOTORS LLC 2840-00-048-5533 Avl RFQ
6705112P005 housing antifrictio GENERAL MOTORS LLC 2840-00-717-3964 Avl RFQ
5007T70G01 seal assy shroud ELECTRO METHODS LTD 2840-00-887-1534 Avl RFQ
10158431 nut half blade Paaesikunta Logistiikkaosasto 2840-01-129-3572 Avl RFQ
516D836G16 gearbox accessory d GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-019-2577 Avl RFQ
99-1090845 oil tank unit Nato Stock Number Assigned 2840-00-468-6564 Avl RFQ
3019T69G01 cap firewall GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-01-420-4863 Avl RFQ
618145 nozzle augmenter ex Ssanford Tool And Design Inc 2840-00-922-4366 Avl RFQ
2185585 compressor aircraft UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-01-201-9342 Avl RFQ
JS15231 vane fan aircraft gas turbine en ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-01-656-6670 Avl RFQ

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