FSC 2840 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines Aircraft Prime Moving and Components

Part Number List for FSC 2840 gas turbines and jet engines aircraft prime moving and components

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
133A1035P1 flange inner cone t GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-767-1312 Avl RFQ
107R357G8 nozzle turbine airc GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-981-8049 Avl RFQ
2087M71P01-101A shaft turbine aircraft gas turbi GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-01-657-0579 Avl RFQ
23004253 segment viscoelasti ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-01-111-5729 Avl RFQ
107R967P3 disk compressor air GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-728-3404 Avl RFQ
10781 roller exhaust nozz E I Dupont De Nemours Co Inc 2840-00-855-5997 Avl RFQ
23002534 cap diffuser bleed Space Age Engineering Co Inc 2840-01-104-1547 Avl RFQ
23005714 engine aircraft tur ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-01-131-3350 Avl RFQ
107R964P3 disk compressor air GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-728-3410 Avl RFQ
23004258 segment viscoelasti ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-01-111-5731 Avl RFQ
2080M29G03 nozzle segment turb GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-01-438-9420 Avl RFQ
23033721 compressor wheel fi ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-01-451-0951 Avl RFQ
23005961 support turbine com ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-00-893-1321 Avl RFQ
23002422 housing reduction g Allison Transmission Inc 2840-00-150-7424 Avl RFQ
107R728G2 shroud assy nozzle GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-593-4693 Avl RFQ
23007067 cone exhaust aircra ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-01-323-9051 Avl RFQ
23031748 nozzle segment turb Allison Transmission Inc 2840-01-247-0264 Avl RFQ
4036T76P01 fastener blade GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-01-023-2905 Avl RFQ
23008413 discharge tube comp ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-01-239-8439 Avl RFQ
23038244 turbine assembly ai ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-01-337-5378 Avl RFQ
23008413 discharge tube comp Allison Transmission Inc 2840-01-239-8439 Avl RFQ
107T901 plate locking Colt Industries Inc 2840-00-630-3167 Avl RFQ
23008868 disk compressor air ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-01-414-4870 Avl RFQ
639E339G1 igniter torch after GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-866-7984 Avl RFQ
107R691G1 flameholder afterbu GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-614-2517 Avl RFQ
23036668 valve assy bleed ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-01-191-7811 Avl RFQ
133A1079P2 clip turbine nozzle GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-863-6572 Avl RFQ
107200-103 duct turbine aircra Aerospace Filtration Systems Inc 2840-01-530-2853 Avl RFQ
7037M74G08 vane compressor air GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-01-055-9913 Avl RFQ
4036859 seal air aircraft g UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-01-088-2581 Avl RFQ
23031260 case combustion cha ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-00-169-0108 Avl RFQ
9902254 cap assy front bear GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-037-4003 Avl RFQ
4034T50P01 nozzle lubricating GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-553-1193 Avl RFQ
2086M81P01 baffle airflow airc GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-01-525-1005 Avl RFQ
23032634 vane assembly compr Allison Transmission Inc 2840-01-513-8844 Avl RFQ
23051562 seal air aircraft g ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-01-502-4085 Avl RFQ
638E795P03 insulation blanket GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-113-6454 Avl RFQ
704495 vane assembly fan a UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-00-054-1347 Avl RFQ
4054T02P03 retainer shroud tur Palmer Mfg Corp 2840-01-412-5622 Avl RFQ
63P253P2 spacer compressor r GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-788-8177 Avl RFQ
4037T82P02 baffle turbine blad GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-059-8043 Avl RFQ
7037M74G18 vane compressor air GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-01-055-9913 Avl RFQ
23031046 pin support lever ROLLS ROYCE INC 2840-00-054-3157 Avl RFQ
4037580 seal metallic aircr UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-01-088-7050 Avl RFQ
23038219 nozzle turbine airc Allison Transmission Inc 2840-01-426-0813 Avl RFQ
4034962 case turbine aircra UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-01-138-5775 Avl RFQ
639E202P1 support gearbox com GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-00-716-3482 Avl RFQ
23004255 segment viscoelasti Allison Transmission Inc 2840-01-111-5730 Avl RFQ
792676 shield heat aircraft gas turbine UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2840-01-667-4949 Avl RFQ
7037M73G04 vane compressor air GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2840-01-055-9911 Avl RFQ

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