FSC 3130 Bearings Mounted Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 3130 bearings mounted

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
FY107 bearing unit ball Skf Usa Inc 3130-00-069-5595 Avl RFQ
8249-19 housing bearing uni Cef Industries Inc 3130-01-220-9650 Avl RFQ
3505-5 ITEM 34 cap pillow block Electric Boat Corporation 3130-01-209-8270 Avl RFQ
FB230-3/4 bearing unit ball Emerson Electric Co 3130-00-555-6579 Avl RFQ
H-2650 PIECE 25 cap pillow block Electric Boat Corporation 3130-01-183-3973 Avl RFQ
206588 cap pillow block Cummins Inc 3130-01-237-5087 Avl RFQ
159-34309-1 bearing unit ball Boeing Company The 3130-00-376-6195 Avl RFQ
61106 cap pillow block Komatsu America International 3130-01-238-1166 Avl RFQ
277786R11 bearing unit plain Komatsu America International 3130-00-716-1875 Avl RFQ
852-206486S-01 bearing unit ball Thermal Engineering International 3130-01-130-1210 Avl RFQ
6416 cap pillow block INGERSOLL RAND INC 3130-01-413-7370 Avl RFQ
64612 bearing unit ball Altra Holdings Inc 3130-01-312-3434 Avl RFQ
F204814C001 ITEM-1 housing bearing uni Jered Llc 3130-01-412-1436 Avl RFQ
FCB22447H bearing unit roller P T COMPONENTS INC 3130-00-873-3778 Avl RFQ
30750-100 roller slide assemb Drs Environmental Systems Inc 3130-01-480-2923 Avl RFQ
581498 bearing unit ball Spalla Inc 3130-00-737-3661 Avl RFQ
120-11000 PART NO. 5 cap pillow block Flowserve Corporation 3130-01-454-4053 Avl RFQ
E2IN bearing unit roller TIMKEN CORPORATION 3130-00-334-4872 Avl RFQ
2300094-141000.03.0 cap pillow block Bundesamt Fuer 3130-00-611-6186 Avl RFQ
12122037-001 bearing pillow bloc Jered Llc 3130-01-482-8362 Avl RFQ
47001-207 bearing unit roller Goodrich Corporation 3130-01-512-0788 Avl RFQ
6916 bearing unit ball Skf Usa Inc 3130-00-106-4340 Avl RFQ
125-66/2652 housing bearing uni Gec Alsthom Intl Inc 3130-01-302-7688 Avl RFQ
G210295-1 liner bearing housi Raytheon Company 3130-01-199-1588 Avl RFQ
42420-185 liner bearing housi Triumph Gear Systems Inc 3130-01-236-8429 Avl RFQ
3175070-1 bearing unit ball Allied Signal Inc 3130-00-402-5484 Avl RFQ
F097908 housing bearing uni Oldenburg Group Incorporated 3130-01-605-4668 Avl RFQ
01308106 bearing unit plain Deutz Corporation 3130-01-440-5980 Avl RFQ
F3Y231H bearing unit ball Rexnord Industries Llc 3130-00-184-2496 Avl RFQ
FSAF22516 bearing unit roller Skf Usa Inc 3130-01-610-0736 Avl RFQ
83746 bearing unit ball Emerson Process Management Ltd 3130-01-315-8832 Avl RFQ
31134128 bearing unit roller Perkins Engines Co Ltd 3130-01-532-3760 Avl RFQ
HSBG8SX bearing unit plain Dover Engineered Systems Inc 3130-01-539-5503 Avl RFQ
1052-B250-4 FIND 15 bearing unit ball Cepeda Associates Inc 3130-01-500-9656 Avl RFQ
10110458 liner bearing housi Paaesikunta Logistiikkaosasto 3130-01-127-8818 Avl RFQ
3002238-5 bearing unit roller Honeywell International Inc 3130-01-304-0691 Avl RFQ
16HCS6PC56 housing bearing uni Aurora Pump A Unit Of General Signal 3130-00-898-7065 Avl RFQ
30218 housing bearing uni Magnum Power Products Llc 3130-01-649-4680 Avl RFQ
AJH1889 bearing clamshell Triangle Manufacturing Co Inc 3130-00-460-2597 Avl RFQ
45720 cap pillow block Komatsu America International 3130-01-241-8384 Avl RFQ
8170-10-5 housing bearing uni Chief Of Engineers 3130-00-374-7856 Avl RFQ
NAD18 bearing unit ball Morse Industrial Corp 3130-00-108-0681 Avl RFQ
MG28FPC1T015 bearing unit plain Reliance Electric Co 3130-00-142-0208 Avl RFQ
PFC4-35-2 bearing unit ball Mcgill Manufacturing Company Inc 3130-00-227-3156 Avl RFQ
6L1 3-16 bearing unit ball Altra Holdings Inc 3130-00-190-9359 Avl RFQ
BUS1350 bearing unit roller OTIS ELEVATOR CO LTD 3130-00-151-9659 Avl RFQ
17P1C2077-501 bearing unit plain Boeing Company The 3130-01-343-3567 Avl RFQ
100010012-4-5 bearing unit plain Rolls Royce Marine North America 3130-01-320-3499 Avl RFQ
65188 housing bearing uni Alfa Laval Inc 3130-01-449-2744 Avl RFQ
7-211310144 liner bearing housi Mcdonnell Douglas Helicopter Co Inc 3130-01-178-0178 Avl RFQ

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