FSC 3130 Bearings Mounted Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 3130 bearings mounted

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
FLCT1 7-16 bearing unit ball Timken Corporation 3130-00-486-5735 Avl RFQ
3400759 cap pillow block Cummins Inc 3130-01-488-6141 Avl RFQ
375-06-13-4 housing bearing uni Ederer Inc 3130-01-325-5424 Avl RFQ
1052-B250-4 bearing unit ball Cepeda Associates Inc 3130-01-500-9656 Avl RFQ
L74514 bearing unit plain Cnh Industrial America Llc 3130-01-083-9660 Avl RFQ
109763-1 bearing unit ball Capstan Ag Systems Inc 3130-00-546-2762 Avl RFQ
G-8191PIECE 12 bearing unit plain Cyclotherm Div 3130-01-120-2672 Avl RFQ
SF31 bearing unit ball Stephens Adamson Inc 3130-00-108-0586 Avl RFQ
74B418001-103 bearing unit plain New Hampshire Ball Bearings Co 3130-01-169-6494 Avl RFQ
RCJ7 8 bearing unit ball Timken Corporation 3130-00-570-6298 Avl RFQ
AB0070850558 cap pillow block Brighton Cromwell Llc 3130-00-364-6798 Avl RFQ
15097-37100-9 housing bearing uni Moog Inc 3130-01-466-0541 Avl RFQ
132 1163 housing bearing uni Deutz Corporation 3130-01-435-8644 Avl RFQ
M013361-00C0 housing bearing uni Nmc Wollard Inc 3130-01-286-8048 Avl RFQ
930-21015 ITEM 6 cap pillow block Moog Inc 3130-01-183-3979 Avl RFQ
209-076-174-105 housing bearing uni Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 3130-01-265-9361 Avl RFQ
3602-0183-1M housing bearing uni Carleton Technologies Inc 3130-01-191-7376 Avl RFQ
PB950NE bearing unit ball Reliance Electric Co 3130-01-091-1903 Avl RFQ
65522-28P cap pillow block Reliance Electric Co 3130-01-228-7611 Avl RFQ
4D96089H01 bearing unit plain Curtiss Wright Electro Mechanical 3130-01-497-2296 Avl RFQ
A6954 bearing unit plain Grimes Aerospace Company 3130-00-326-5591 Avl RFQ
PB220-1 bearing unit ball Emerson Electric Co 3130-00-159-1475 Avl RFQ
2254-2PC37 cap pillow block Electric Boat Corporation 3130-01-412-4971 Avl RFQ
206-001-188-1 bearing unit ball Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 3130-00-182-8629 Avl RFQ
2121911PC67 seal assembly Navair And Navsea Managed 3130-00-737-8412 Avl RFQ
741705 bearing unit plain Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation 3130-01-349-8228 Avl RFQ
265330201 housing bearing uni Hansome Energy Systems Inc 3130-01-372-8417 Avl RFQ
LFT8 bearing unit ball Morse Industrial Corp 3130-01-204-3029 Avl RFQ
9904108936 cap pillow block Grove Corp 3130-01-477-3747 Avl RFQ
8M0099221 housing bearing unit Brunswick Corporation 3130-01-666-1836 Avl RFQ
CV174163 bearing unit roller Tvs Supply Chain Solutions Ltd 3130-01-602-6247 Avl RFQ
4004-C5-8A-8 bearing unit roller Timken Aerospace Inc 3130-01-651-3950 Avl RFQ
186863 bearing unit plain Itt Bell And Gosset Hydronics 3130-00-421-8716 Avl RFQ
16200348 cap pillow block Fairbanks Morse Llc 3130-01-127-8338 Avl RFQ
30F37 bearing unit ball Minnpar Llc 3130-00-108-0685 Avl RFQ
471217101301 bearing unit plain Interocean Industries Inc 3130-01-500-7307 Avl RFQ
1650D139 housing bearing uni Triumph Gear Systems Inc 3130-00-631-2002 Avl RFQ
NP16 bearing unit ball Morse Industrial Corp 3130-00-116-9034 Avl RFQ
70209-26007-129 liner bearing housi Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 3130-01-167-0691 Avl RFQ
P3U219H bearing unit ball Rexnord Industries Llc 3130-00-116-9036 Avl RFQ
D7HZ7A605-A bearing unit roller Ford Motor Company 3130-01-383-6776 Avl RFQ
7-211310144 liner bearing housi Timken Aerospace Inc 3130-01-178-0178 Avl RFQ
040708-00 bearing unit plain Curtiss Wright Electro Mechanical 3130-01-138-5424 Avl RFQ
HAN6519-1 cap pillow block Hansome Energy Systems Inc 3130-01-563-8671 Avl RFQ
LJ91003-20.15 cap pillow block Turbodyne Corp 3130-01-189-2046 Avl RFQ
SFT23 bearing unit ball Stephens Adamson Inc 3130-00-842-9509 Avl RFQ
51863H PIECE 3 housing bearing uni Continental Emsco Co 3130-01-194-4945 Avl RFQ
4069473 bearing unit plain United Technologies Corporation 3130-01-320-6416 Avl RFQ
9 41751 bearing unit plain The Boeing Company 3130-01-435-6142 Avl RFQ
155816 PIECE 12 cap pillow block Louis Allis 3130-01-167-2346 Avl RFQ

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