FSG 37 Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Catalog

FSG Group 37 consist of many parts to machinery and tools that are used to prepare soil for agriculture. Much of the group also consist of bettering the wellbeing of the crops and or the livestock being raised. Group 37 sub-groups consist of:

Includes: Harrows; Plows; Seed Drills; Seeder Attachments; Sprayers. Haymakers; Mowers. Atomizers; Delousing Outfits; Dusters; Fly Swatters; Flypaper; Fog Generators; Sprayers; Traps. Garden Tractors, Walking Type; Lawn Mowers, Powered and Nonpowered; Hedge Trimers; Lawn Seeders; Fertilizer Spreaders; Gardening Rakes, Forks, Hoes, and Other Gardening Tools. Dog Harnesses; Leads.

Excluding: Mower Attachments (FSC 3750); Sickle Bar Attachments (FSC 3750), Self-Pressurized Spray Kits (FSC 4940)

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