FSC 3830 Truck and Tractor Attachments Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 3830 truck and tractor attachments

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
6579167 roller road grader Melroe Co 3830-01-356-2682 Avl RFQ
0710139 pick up head assemb Elgin Sweeper Company Inc 3830-01-510-1143 Avl RFQ
C2632 end bit moldboard American Standard Inc 3830-00-162-6499 Avl RFQ
GUV253806 tooth surface rippi Daimler Trucks North America Llc 3830-01-285-2922 Avl RFQ
D2721 gear American Standard Inc 3830-00-161-7052 Avl RFQ
D3932 plate American Standard Inc 3830-00-162-7741 Avl RFQ
319469R1 retainer ring swive Komatsu America International 3830-00-117-2431 Avl RFQ
IPD5J6904 cutting edge moldbo Industrial Parts Depot Inc 3830-00-352-8024 Avl RFQ
6C3667 bucket scoop type l Caterpillar Inc 3830-01-438-3474 Avl RFQ
1359295 cutting edge moldbo Caterpillar Inc 3830-01-563-5596 Avl RFQ
232-0065 tooth surface rippi Caterpillar Inc 3830-01-594-7040 Avl RFQ
173-9367 roller road grader Caterpillar Inc 3830-01-474-5436 Avl RFQ
E5071 guard American Standard Inc 3830-00-161-5826 Avl RFQ
D7053 cone driving clutch American Standard Inc 3830-00-161-8354 Avl RFQ
006820006002 reel cable Pat Equipment Corp 3830-01-432-7365 Avl RFQ
IPD3J2465 end bit moldboard Industrial Parts Depot Inc 3830-00-047-4359 Avl RFQ
0050231-0 bushing sleeve New Holland Construction 3830-00-956-4380 Avl RFQ
KA200 sealed pillow Arrow Master Incorporated 3830-00-847-5967 Avl RFQ
42E6Y1170 seal bearing oil cr Fwd Seagrave Holdings Lp 3830-00-692-3916 Avl RFQ
H570176 tooth assembly Case J I Company Ltd 3830-01-012-9961 Avl RFQ
170642137 sleeve clutch shift Komatsu America International 3830-00-362-7655 Avl RFQ
2944476 blade bulldozer ear Caterpillar Inc 3830-01-578-1875 Avl RFQ
3J6195 frame assembly Caterpillar Inc 3830-01-220-5738 Avl RFQ
9J2797 retainer Caterpillar Inc 3830-01-066-4715 Avl RFQ
153-4089 auger bit group Caterpillar Inc 3830-01-544-0661 Avl RFQ
PT540 brushcutter chipper M B Companies Inc 3830-01-037-8354 Avl RFQ
1V4838 link assy Caterpillar Inc 3830-01-129-5882 Avl RFQ
151-7866 bucket scoop type l Caterpillar Inc 3830-01-505-6038 Avl RFQ
2G6059 blade angledozer ea Caterpillar Inc 3830-01-333-2292 Avl RFQ
3711185 cutting edge moldbo Sicard A Division Of Smi Snowblast 3830-01-310-8757 Avl RFQ
8751552 plate assembly spoo Sicard A Division Of Smi Snowblast 3830-00-437-0523 Avl RFQ
315071R1 blade bulldozer ear Komatsu America International 3830-00-117-2438 Avl RFQ
H2205 gear American Standard Inc 3830-00-161-9923 Avl RFQ
624207 yoke assembly New Holland Construction 3830-00-930-5918 Avl RFQ
D32926 cylinder universal Cnh Industrial America Llc 3830-00-460-7085 Avl RFQ
7402 end bit moldboard Caterpillar Work Tools Inc 3830-00-352-8653 Avl RFQ
KV16188 tooth surface rippi Deere And Company 3830-01-549-9758 Avl RFQ
0122056 pulley cable New Holland Construction 3830-00-431-2161 Avl RFQ
0710144 broom assembly Elgin Sweeper Company Inc 3830-01-510-1128 Avl RFQ
6F3137 shaft Caterpillar Inc 3830-00-352-8135 Avl RFQ
D55468 point tooth Cnh Industrial America Llc 3830-01-120-5682 Avl RFQ
D27748 point bucket loader Cnh Industrial America Llc 3830-00-001-3516 Avl RFQ
GVV-006-048 nosepiece ripper bu Daimler Trucks North America Llc 3830-01-257-8783 Avl RFQ
DSI-110-0087 bucket scoop type l Foster Miller Inc 3830-01-582-3298 Avl RFQ
319479R1 retainer ring swive Komatsu America International 3830-00-117-2431 Avl RFQ
IPD5J6905 cutting edge moldbo Industrial Parts Depot Inc 3830-00-352-7976 Avl RFQ
882845 valve Komatsu America International 3830-01-006-2980 Avl RFQ
D7054 brake band assy American Standard Inc 3830-00-161-8355 Avl RFQ
173066 flange packing Komatsu America International 3830-00-066-4944 Avl RFQ
290206 tooth point bucket BOSCH REXROTH LTD 3830-00-851-8309 Avl RFQ

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