FSC 3940 Blocks Tackle Rigging and Slings Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 3940 blocks tackle rigging and slings

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
204-070-972-001 clamp cargo suspens Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 3940-00-342-8545 Avl RFQ
349372-1 sling multiple leg Raytheon Company 3940-01-342-9286 Avl RFQ
3042AAA10IN block tackle BOSCH REXROTH LTD 3940-00-841-1385 Avl RFQ
18146G-01 block tackle David Clark Co 3940-01-595-6381 Avl RFQ
Q0S 12 X 9 FT sling multiple leg BOSCH REXROTH LTD 3940-01-078-2200 Avl RFQ
T-9032875 spreader sling The Boeing Company 3940-01-304-6047 Avl RFQ
6258E41ITEM6 clamp material lift Westinghouse Electric Corp 3940-01-481-3454 Avl RFQ
D2-C-061-A block floating BOSCH REXROTH LTD 3940-01-296-0567 Avl RFQ
17G910004-51 side plate block Boeing Company The 3940-01-448-7661 Avl RFQ
17P9G1050-1 block tackle Boeing Company The 3940-01-464-1437 Avl RFQ
GGGB490STYLE-3R 0UNDTY2 block tackle BOSCH REXROTH LTD 3940-00-926-1079 Avl RFQ
21C14324G03 link hoisting GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 3940-01-590-0925 Avl RFQ
249727-1 sling multiple leg Exelis Inc 3940-01-351-3101 Avl RFQ
103523 block tackle CROSBY GROUP INC 3940-01-566-8125 Avl RFQ
6001Z16IN block tackle BOSCH REXROTH LTD 3940-01-046-1301 Avl RFQ
AC6000397 sling multiple leg Eaton Aeroquip Inc 3940-00-172-9841 Avl RFQ
204-070-972-1 clamp cargo suspens Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 3940-00-342-8545 Avl RFQ
701594 sling endless Crsi Inc 3940-01-046-0155 Avl RFQ
S643 link hoisting CROSBY GROUP INC 3940-00-235-8453 Avl RFQ
3273-1 block and tackle Federal Equipment Company 3940-01-305-2114 Avl RFQ
23070790 PC 23039440 beam hoisting ROLLS ROYCE INC 3940-01-498-9493 Avl RFQ
T-9035008 spreader sling The Boeing Company 3940-01-300-5509 Avl RFQ
28045 block tackle Aerocontrolex Group Inc 3940-01-443-2993 Avl RFQ
17G910004-65 link hoisting Boeing Company The 3940-01-442-9650 Avl RFQ
62619-02X01PC31 block tackle Electric Boat Corporation 3940-00-820-5145 Avl RFQ
3042AF-8INCH block tackle Apex Tool Group Llc 3940-00-926-3719 Avl RFQ
M8005762 block tackle CROSBY GROUP INC 3940-01-397-6749 Avl RFQ
350557 block tackle Telex Communications Inc 3940-01-344-9206 Avl RFQ
21C3079G002 sling beam type GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 3940-00-111-0587 Avl RFQ
17P9G1050-501 block tackle Boeing Company The 3940-01-555-3754 Avl RFQ
6425392-00 block assembly bott Duff Norton Co Inc 3940-01-288-2318 Avl RFQ
GGGB490STYLE-3ROUNDTY2 block tackle Federal Specifications Promulgat 3940-00-926-1079 Avl RFQ
AY-8806 block tackle BOSCH REXROTH LTD 3940-01-480-5418 Avl RFQ
25-37452-19 sling beam type The Boeing Company 3940-00-954-8003 Avl RFQ
B831-0210-126 sling endless Electric Boat Corporation 3940-01-504-0009 Avl RFQ
4862802-0001 clamp Electric Boat Corporation 3940-01-225-0724 Avl RFQ
13228E5299-1 sling multiple leg Cecom Lr Center 3940-01-340-8853 Avl RFQ
414G0011-1 sling rotor blade The Boeing Company 3940-01-455-2981 Avl RFQ
5D3-03745 block tackle Oldenburg Group Incorporated 3940-01-468-6798 Avl RFQ
13219E4220 anchor snatch block Cecom Lr Center 3940-01-152-2359 Avl RFQ
778160 hook block assembly CASCADE INC 3940-01-592-6880 Avl RFQ
GGG-C-412 clamp material lift Federal Specifications Promulgat 3940-00-286-1541 Avl RFQ
A24352 block assembly lowe Cooper Industries Inc 3940-01-240-6320 Avl RFQ
2689431 link hoisting BOSCH REXROTH LTD 3940-01-310-9779 Avl RFQ
409-6-R block tackle CROSBY GROUP INC 3940-01-277-1770 Avl RFQ
LS1043620 sling beam type General Dynamics Land Systems Inc 3940-01-542-3904 Avl RFQ
20000810020-001 sling beam type Boeing Company The 3940-01-368-8297 Avl RFQ
3074UK-16 block tackle Apex Tool Group Llc 3940-00-879-2137 Avl RFQ
211063630 block tackle assemb Electric Boat Corporation 3940-01-521-7068 Avl RFQ
54126 block cargo pusher Cunico Corporation 3940-01-361-8559 Avl RFQ

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