FSC 4030 Fittings for Rope Cable and Chain Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 4030 fittings for rope cable and chain

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
FE7590-146 hook cargo Eaton Aeroquip Inc 4030-01-269-4732 Avl RFQ
FE7590-114 keeper assy car Breeze Eastern Corporation 4030-01-155-7186 Avl RFQ
1018856 shackle CROSBY GROUP INC 4030-01-530-4351 Avl RFQ
GA10D3 collar Howe Machine And Tool Corp 4030-00-602-0913 Avl RFQ
SW30908-2 clamp wire rope bol Drs Sustainment Systems Inc 4030-01-337-0389 Avl RFQ
1048804 hook hoist CROSBY GROUP INC 4030-01-476-0958 Avl RFQ
FE7590-120 hook cargo Eaton Aeroquip Inc 4030-01-271-6239 Avl RFQ
6420-62123-101 shackle Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 4030-00-135-9133 Avl RFQ
1018552 shackle CROSBY GROUP INC 4030-01-524-5938 Avl RFQ
31756 wedge wire rope soc New Holland Construction 4030-00-125-9551 Avl RFQ
21143 terminal wire rope EATON CORPORATION 4030-00-135-8849 Avl RFQ
2049217B5 terminal rope swagi Boeing Company The 4030-00-132-9180 Avl RFQ
1268540 shackle DAIMLERCHRYSLER CORPORATION 4030-00-737-3735 Avl RFQ
2049219-16D3L terminal wire rope Boeing Company The 4030-00-580-6795 Avl RFQ
663C7 ball end wire rope Hartwell Corporation 4030-00-273-3077 Avl RFQ
145G0292-14 shackle anchor The Boeing Company 4030-01-396-4437 Avl RFQ
AM0-0074 hook hoist Manitex Load King Inc 4030-01-562-1227 Avl RFQ
1678230 shackle Oshkosh Corporation 4030-01-493-7758 Avl RFQ
NAS1044-24 shackle National Aerospace Standards 4030-00-369-3545 Avl RFQ
204-011-330-1 terminal rope swagi Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 4030-00-488-7590 Avl RFQ
FDA3356M5 hook hoist Davis Aircraft Products Co Inc 4030-00-182-8186 Avl RFQ
2049218C4 terminal rope swagi Boeing Company The 4030-00-273-3085 Avl RFQ
FE7590-9 retainer wire cargo Eaton Aeroquip Inc 4030-01-155-9393 Avl RFQ
3614 PIECE 37-1 IN wedge drum clamp wi INGERSOLL RAND INC 4030-01-163-1976 Avl RFQ
AT520JG guard safety Klx Aerospace Solutions Ii Sas 4030-01-363-8807 Avl RFQ
NAS1043-6 shackle National Aerospace Standards 4030-00-286-5433 Avl RFQ
264431 hook chain s Raytheon Company 4030-00-490-2177 Avl RFQ
1018017 shackle CROSBY GROUP INC 4030-01-294-9115 Avl RFQ
061-4597 hook MARATHON LE TOURNEAU CO 4030-01-125-4059 Avl RFQ
FDA-3356M2 hook hoist Davis Aircraft Products Co Inc 4030-01-325-1444 Avl RFQ
1018598 shackle CROSBY GROUP INC 4030-00-169-9297 Avl RFQ
1048609 hook hoist CROSBY GROUP INC 4030-01-519-5425 Avl RFQ
13425-1 socket wire rope Northern Line Machine 4030-00-630-4880 Avl RFQ
1018035 shackle CROSBY GROUP INC 4030-01-115-6660 Avl RFQ
145E5505-18 hook cargo The Boeing Company 4030-01-408-7447 Avl RFQ
FE7590-27 N/A Eaton Aeroquip Inc 4030-01-156-3664 Avl RFQ
2046 anchor guy UPRIGHT CORPORATION 4030-00-171-6169 Avl RFQ
901-380-701-107 swivel and link ass Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 4030-01-418-3273 Avl RFQ
2030D83PC2 shackle Westinghouse Electric Corp 4030-01-374-5517 Avl RFQ
901-380-703-101 swivel and link ass Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 4030-01-418-3294 Avl RFQ
50-3027 shackle Clamshell Structures Inc 4030-01-463-9831 Avl RFQ
NAS1046-6 clamp wire rope sad National Aerospace Standards 4030-00-900-9277 Avl RFQ
2211-104 drum socket assembl Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 4030-01-485-0425 Avl RFQ
NAS1043-20 shackle National Aerospace Standards 4030-01-162-2631 Avl RFQ
FDA4544 hook special Davis Aircraft Products Co Inc 4030-00-015-3892 Avl RFQ
S89516 hook hoist Cnh Industrial America Llc 4030-01-065-6962 Avl RFQ
3614 PIECE 37-78 IN clamp INGERSOLL RAND INC 4030-01-163-1931 Avl RFQ
1018491 shackle CROSBY GROUP INC 4030-01-037-6517 Avl RFQ
1048822 hook hoist CROSBY GROUP INC 4030-01-168-1939 Avl RFQ
NAS1052-10 hook chain s National Aerospace Standards 4030-01-446-7603 Avl RFQ

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