FSC 4130 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Components Catalog

We provides complete database of FSC, browse C20A212 Washer - 4130-00-458-4678, 17892-100 Fastener Switch - 4130-01-109-6186, 007-0032-00 Crankshaft Compress - 4130-00-374-7591, 9W10-1204 ITEM 3 Head Condenser - 4130-01-353-5113, M300116 Filter Drier Refrig - 4130-00-996-7903 online under Federal Supply Class 4130 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Components database. Here is a complete list of leading manufacturers of 4130 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Components. Quote us by selecting your required part number from the part number list.

Part Number List for FSC 4130 refrigeration and air conditioning components

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
C20A212 washer General Electric Inc 4130-00-458-4678 Avl RFQ
17892-100 fastener switch Engineered Air Systems Inc 4130-01-109-6186 Avl RFQ
007-0032-00 crankshaft compress Copeland Corporation Ltd 4130-00-374-7591 Avl RFQ
9W10-1204 ITEM 3 head condenser Carrier Corporation 4130-01-353-5113 Avl RFQ
M300116 filter drier refrig Bosch Rexroth Ltd 4130-00-996-7903 Avl RFQ
00406 vacu hose accessory Dcm Clean Air Products Inc 4130-01-460-2497 Avl RFQ
8W30-61-5610F-5893B013 REV B condenser coil refr Engineered Coil Company 4130-01-334-0762 Avl RFQ
RR81C2E-IAA-101 compressor refriger Copeland Corporation Ltd 4130-01-521-4599 Avl RFQ
120K0290-5 compressor unit ref Drs Environmental Systems Inc 4130-01-487-2321 Avl RFQ
11958-1 blade upper Drs Environmental Systems Inc 4130-01-217-3543 Avl RFQ
12017-100 mount condenser Engineered Air Systems Inc 4130-00-415-9639 Avl RFQ
314097000 rest cup Imi Cornelius Inc 4130-01-138-8606 Avl RFQ
NYM2100 piston compressor Bosch Rexroth Ltd 4130-00-625-4956 Avl RFQ
78-20-31 condensing unit ref Mgr Equipment Corp 4130-01-177-4010 Avl RFQ
EF11C0070 valve Carrier Corporation 4130-01-132-9315 Avl RFQ
B-49349 condenser coil refr Alco Standard Corp 4130-01-193-6465 Avl RFQ
CDB019401 panel duct outlet Stewart And Stevenson Services Inc 4130-01-496-7738 Avl RFQ
06E2150610 compressor unit ref Carrier Corporation 4130-01-216-8636 Avl RFQ
06EB266-940 compressor refriger Carrier Corporation 4130-01-134-1683 Avl RFQ
41514 oil separator Alco Standard Corp 4130-00-172-9093 Avl RFQ
RSL2-0075-1AA404 compressor unit ref Copeland Corporation Ltd 4130-00-420-4944 Avl RFQ
RD-4-5379-1 condenser refrigera Red Dot Corporation 4130-01-517-6397 Avl RFQ
LED158 heater connector ac Trane Co 4130-00-834-5366 Avl RFQ
MRG85082 muffler cooler unit Ogden Air Logistics Center 4130-00-070-9972 Avl RFQ
HV19AD020 light pilot Carrier Corporation 4130-00-958-3842 Avl RFQ
MPL85315 controller flow Engineered Air Systems Inc 4130-00-083-9323 Avl RFQ
26873-1 panel assembly cont Fairchild Controls Corporation 4130-00-895-3053 Avl RFQ
10753 bracket adjusting Drs Environmental Systems Inc 4130-01-065-1178 Avl RFQ
534C0783H01 piston male balance Frick Co 4130-01-469-1079 Avl RFQ
90C01-4642 element electric Carrier Corporation 4130-00-152-3937 Avl RFQ
AE4430ACBM2B40 2-1 condensing unit ref Bosch Rexroth Ltd 4130-00-631-4410 Avl RFQ
MODEL 05K-12 compressor refriger Carrier Corporation 4130-01-525-6023 Avl RFQ
PL 19XL5353558CR IT27 filter demister Carrier Corporation 4130-01-423-5458 Avl RFQ
2910340 condenser coil refr Caterpillar Inc 4130-01-577-7357 Avl RFQ
5F30-C664 compressor refriger Carrier Corporation 4130-01-442-9994 Avl RFQ
5MH46-7034 cylinder head compr Carrier Corporation 4130-01-235-0848 Avl RFQ
BRH2-1000-TFC-30 compressor unit ref Copeland Corporation Ltd 4130-01-380-8751 Avl RFQ
205446-1 element filter Bosch Rexroth Ltd 4130-01-480-8569 Avl RFQ
534L0367G01 rotor finished Frick Co 4130-01-468-4780 Avl RFQ
RWC751 compressor refriger Cospolich Inc 4130-01-453-0812 Avl RFQ
CRG3-0250-TFD-77A20 compressor unit ref Copeland Corporation Ltd 4130-01-205-3970 Avl RFQ
6L65 compressor refriger Carrier Corporation 4130-01-380-6431 Avl RFQ
167536 vacu block s sheet Dcm Clean Air Products Inc 4130-01-509-0265 Avl RFQ
28TC45-104 condenser refrigera Carrier Corporation 4130-01-082-7810 Avl RFQ
01026A velcro surf prep pa Dcm Clean Air Products Inc 4130-01-526-0051 Avl RFQ
YRD4-0400-TFD-304 compressor unit ref Copeland Corporation Ltd 4130-01-087-8812 Avl RFQ
5F30-1003-2 cylinder sleeve Carrier Corporation 4130-00-300-4639 Avl RFQ
KAK10100TAD200 compressor refriger Copeland Corporation Ltd 4130-01-316-1472 Avl RFQ
638993 reed General Motors Llc 4130-00-423-5999 Avl RFQ
18-6303-01 condenser coil refr Scotsman Industries Inc 4130-01-341-0647 Avl RFQ

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