FSG 55 Lumber Millwork Plywood and Veneer Catalog

FSG group 55 consist of Lumber and products that are derived from it. Used mostly through home appliances such as Plywood, Veneers, and Millwork. Such examples have broken down into three sub groups to differentiate the different types of lumber products. The sub groups are:

The subgroups have specifications to each group which include: Dimensional Lumber; Wood Flooring; Mine Timbers; Poles; Railroad Ties; Wood Siding; Molding; Stakes, Door Frames; Doors; Window Frames; Window Sashes. Plywood and Veneered Panels

Including some exclusions that specify what does not pertain to the entire FSG group 55 which are: Millwork (FSC 5520); Plywood and Veneer (FSC 5530); Prefabricated Non-Wood Items (FSC 5670), Molding (FSC 5510); Prefabricated Non-Wood Items (FSC 5670).

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