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FSC 5930 Switches Catalog

FSC 5930 Switches is assigned to the parts listed below. Browse our database for top part numbers including 722393-3 Switch Assembly - 5930-01-321-7669, 5060-5443 Switch Pressure - 5930-00-497-7771, 13185 Switch Push - 5930-00-221-8968, 77556191A Push Button - 5930-01-491-3584, T11040-004 Switch Slide - 5930-01-202-9290 .

One Click Purchasing, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, is an industry-leading supplier of Raytheon Company, Hewlett Packard Inc, Trw Assemblies And Fasteners Group, Boonton Electronics Corporation, Aeroflex Wichita Inc new and obsolete parts. Our unmatched supply-chain network and inventory of over 3 billion parts and components allows us to ensure the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

A Federal Supply Class (FSC) is a numeric identification number assigned to components by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) via the NSN. The FSC makes up the second 2-digits of the NSN and determines the subclass an item belongs to within its assigned Federal Supply Group(FSG). Need a quote for your required part from FSC 5930 Switches? Simply complete an instant RFQ form to get started.

Part Number List for FSC 5930 switches

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
722393-3 switch assembly Raytheon Company 5930-01-321-7669 Avl RFQ
5060-5443 switch pressure Hewlett Packard Inc 5930-00-497-7771 Avl RFQ
13185 switch push Trw Assemblies And Fasteners Group 5930-00-221-8968 Avl RFQ
77556191A push button Boonton Electronics Corporation 5930-01-491-3584 Avl RFQ
T11040-004 switch slide Aeroflex Wichita Inc 5930-01-202-9290 Avl RFQ
44HS45-04-1-5S switch rotary Grayhill Inc 5930-01-192-7327 Avl RFQ
10530(PB)CGGW7S1W-3 push button Ducommun Labarge Technologies Inc 5930-01-133-5768 Avl RFQ
80026-013-02 latch switch Rockwell Automation Ltd 5930-01-551-9269 Avl RFQ
10216169 switch thermostatic Raytheon Company 5930-00-128-7250 Avl RFQ
4030234-1 switch rotary Honeywell Inc 5930-01-219-9531 Avl RFQ
60447 switch rotary General Electric Inc 5930-00-361-0684 Avl RFQ
R1003453-01 switch assembly Raytheon Company 5930-01-558-5865 Avl RFQ
99-230-6K1-24264 push button Aerospace Optics Inc 5930-01-400-2526 Avl RFQ
PTY4216G switch push pull General Electric Inc 5930-00-137-0946 Avl RFQ
78152 switch pressure Hobbs Inc 5930-00-567-3175 Avl RFQ
11-19312B2N-1 switch rotary Janco Inc 5930-00-469-5852 Avl RFQ
60174 switch rotary Electro Switch Corp 5930-01-123-9526 Avl RFQ
HRRS-10KV-SW-1G switch assembly Iet Labs Inc 5930-01-605-5566 Avl RFQ
111-9563 switch pressure Caterpillar Inc 5930-01-531-9900 Avl RFQ
8043-AL02-FL3-DAXX switch proximity Automatic Timing And Controls Co 5930-01-332-2326 Avl RFQ
7235-2-30 switch Sensata Technologies Inc 5930-01-124-6879 Avl RFQ
070199 switch lever Miller Electric Mfg Co 5930-01-282-2072 Avl RFQ
260-0296-00 switch rotary Tektronix Inc 5930-00-953-0162 Avl RFQ
363-969 switch assembly Asco Services Inc 5930-01-230-9577 Avl RFQ
24203ABH switch rotary Electroswitch 5930-01-514-2740 Avl RFQ
24202PU switch rotary Electro Switch Corp 5930-01-034-1899 Avl RFQ
222-2395NB12 switch pressure Detroit Switch Inc 5930-01-025-9196 Avl RFQ
10620TI1-220 switch subassembly Ducommun Labarge Technologies Inc 5930-01-188-4386 Avl RFQ
3365523-1 switch actuator tog Raytheon Company 5930-01-110-2546 Avl RFQ
40-25798A01 switch toggle Motorola Inc 5930-00-062-3099 Avl RFQ
17343-62-600DEGF switch thermostatic Kidde Technologies Inc 5930-00-296-5774 Avl RFQ
44M30-07-1-7N switch rotary Grayhill Inc 5930-00-408-8600 Avl RFQ
46025K26 switch pressure Mohawk Mfg Corp 5930-01-485-0745 Avl RFQ
3880197P44 push button Motorola Solutions Inc 5930-01-500-3898 Avl RFQ
14340005-4 switch rotary Jered Llc 5930-01-270-6886 Avl RFQ
3389110614329 switch push Schneider Electric Inc 5930-14-306-1699 Avl RFQ
708859-101 switch rotary Westwood Industries Inc 5930-01-520-4067 Avl RFQ
123919LB switch rotary Electro Switch Corp 5930-01-153-2304 Avl RFQ
S180-11F4 switch push C P Clare Corp 5930-00-892-9423 Avl RFQ
MMH MVG12 1041 switch pressure Marmon Herrington Company Inc 5930-01-534-7835 Avl RFQ
10530SS4-6 switch push Ducommun Labarge Technologies Inc 5930-01-283-4375 Avl RFQ
502CBCMX switch liquid level Thermo Measuretech 5930-01-196-0143 Avl RFQ
2805161000 switch thermostatic Mechanical Equipment Company Inc 5930-01-258-7354 Avl RFQ
ASC1537908 switch thermostatic Asc Pty Ltd 5930-01-161-9582 Avl RFQ
E22PB3 push button Drs Power And Control Technologies 5930-01-566-0348 Avl RFQ
YC26 switch push pull Wisconsin Motors Llc 5930-00-979-8779 Avl RFQ
500K2659 switch pressure Hdt Expeditionary Systems Inc 5930-01-549-9568 Avl RFQ
2KB0024000XXX switch assembly Crl Components Inc 5930-01-272-8045 Avl RFQ
20994LH switch toggle Cooper Industries Inc 5930-00-231-1491 Avl RFQ
1809278 switch rotary Westinghouse Electric Corp 5930-00-533-8091 Avl RFQ

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