FSC 5940 Lugs Terminals and Terminal Strips Catalog

We provides complete database of FSC, browse CP160-2043-2-041 Terminal Stud - 5940-00-082-4869, AS7928 Terminal Lug - 5940-01-365-4200, BA10004-33 Terminal Board - 5940-00-988-0317, TJM222701 Terminal Junction Block Sectional - 5940-01-243-6961, 0294320000 Terminal Board - 5940-12-154-4308 online under Federal Supply Class 5940 Lugs Terminals and Terminal Strips database. Here is a complete list of leading manufacturers of 5940 Lugs Terminals and Terminal Strips. Quote us by selecting your required part number from the part number list.

Part Number List for FSC 5940 lugs terminals and terminal strips

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
CP160-2043-2-041 terminal stud Interconnection Products Ltd 5940-00-082-4869 Avl RFQ
AS7928 terminal lug Society Of Automotive Engineers Inc 5940-01-365-4200 Avl RFQ
BA10004-33 terminal board Cinch Connectors Inc 5940-00-988-0317 Avl RFQ
TJM222701 terminal junction block sectional Amphenol Pcd Inc 5940-01-243-6961 Avl RFQ
0294320000 terminal board Weidmueller Interface Gmbh And Co Kg 5940-12-154-4308 Avl RFQ
2240860 terminal board Champion Aerospace Llc 5940-00-979-0279 Avl RFQ
600-16 HPSI terminal board Dialight Corporation 5940-00-990-4203 Avl RFQ
200-1-1-15 contact strip radio Myat Inc 5940-01-340-6694 Avl RFQ
BTA-70830 adapter battery ter Eylex Pty Ltd 5940-01-494-4134 Avl RFQ
14853-4 terminal feedthru Winchester Electronics Corporation 5940-01-260-9978 Avl RFQ
10-710-2-044 terminal stud Concord Electronics Inc 5940-00-489-8818 Avl RFQ
GSC-415 ferrule metallic sh Thomas And Betts Corporation 5940-00-901-1997 Avl RFQ
RAX103 terminal lug Thomas And Betts Corporation 5940-00-557-1630 Avl RFQ
PR120H4-5 terminal stud Precise Of California 5940-00-701-2937 Avl RFQ
DL5-3449-8HTCI terminal stud Staffall Inc 5940-00-665-5764 Avl RFQ
99-4201-2 terminal board Kilgore Flares Company Llc 5940-00-226-5843 Avl RFQ
TBAG3 terminal board Westinghouse Electric Corp 5940-01-443-3949 Avl RFQ
4995-0 post binding electr Fluke Electronics Corporation 5940-00-937-5237 Avl RFQ
05-652018 terminal lug Goodrich Corp 5940-00-504-4703 Avl RFQ
699JJ2120-6 terminal board Dialight Corporation 5940-00-038-7473 Avl RFQ
65-19806-9 cover terminal board The Boeing Company 5940-01-047-1317 Avl RFQ
31478 terminal lug Air Products And Chemicals Inc 5940-00-284-3266 Avl RFQ
ESA682058-10 terminal board American Telephone And Telegraph Co 5940-00-204-7499 Avl RFQ
LCA4-14-L terminal lug Panduit Corp 5940-01-481-7367 Avl RFQ
101713 terminal lug Tele Mechanics Inc 5940-00-250-7775 Avl RFQ
012607-8 terminal quick disc Jacobs Mfg Corp 5940-01-166-8566 Avl RFQ
AA59125 2016TB10F terminal board Federal Commercial Item Description 5940-01-488-9728 Avl RFQ
65296-403-1 terminal stud Boeing Company The 5940-00-914-6282 Avl RFQ
04426 terminal board Basler Electric Company 5940-01-496-0800 Avl RFQ
YSV28L splice conductor Souriau Inc 5940-00-683-5399 Avl RFQ
EHY453-1 splice conductor Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems 5940-12-151-4386 Avl RFQ
509B4-41 terminal lug Cardwell Condenser Corp 5940-00-259-9057 Avl RFQ
GSC-194 ferrule metallic sh Thomas And Betts Corporation 5940-00-204-6590 Avl RFQ
92-1523 terminal stud Dialight Corporation 5940-01-345-3171 Avl RFQ
3535 adapter battery terminal Vte Inc 5940-01-666-9832 Avl RFQ
MA207-21358 terminal lug Am General Llc 5940-01-101-8398 Avl RFQ
MCT-1 terminal quick disc Molex Incorporated 5940-00-064-9763 Avl RFQ
10064051-101 terminal board Honeywell International Inc 5940-01-129-3369 Avl RFQ
1491A terminal stud Winchester Electronics Corporation 5940-00-958-3237 Avl RFQ
SF20-14-FLAG terminal lug Superior Fuse And Manufacturing Co Inc 5940-00-082-4965 Avl RFQ
328965 terminal lug Tyco Electronics Corp 5940-00-364-0861 Avl RFQ
AA59125 30 marker strip termin Federal Commercial Item Description 5940-01-210-9930 Avl RFQ
450153 marker strip terminal board Avtron Aerospace Inc 5940-01-319-9148 Avl RFQ
259-700006-010 terminal board Compro Computer Services Inc 5940-01-048-7911 Avl RFQ
923743-16 test clip 3m Company 5940-01-201-0445 Avl RFQ
724-054-9001 terminal lug Honeywell International Inc 5940-01-247-4612 Avl RFQ
71011764001 terminal lug Kollsman Idc Avionics Group 5940-00-865-7311 Avl RFQ
16610564-001 terminal lug Sypris Electronics Llc 5940-01-175-2775 Avl RFQ
1JA2725H04 terminal lug Westinghouse Electric Corp 5940-00-159-1293 Avl RFQ
0025-0P-3742 splice conductor General Dynamics Satcom Technologies 5940-01-642-0847 Avl RFQ

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