FSC 5965 Headsets Handsets Microphones and Speakers Catalog

We provides complete database of FSC, browse PGO-ETVS602T-2 Microphone Dynamic - 5965-01-658-9422, HS-40 Loudspeaker Electromagnetic - 5965-01-657-6806, 6520-102 Horn Loudspeaker - 5965-01-493-4060, DR-100 Headset Electrical - 5965-01-364-1083, 514B Microphone Dynamic - 5965-01-228-7421 online under Federal Supply Class 5965 Headsets Handsets Microphones and Speakers database. Here is a complete list of leading manufacturers of 5965 Headsets Handsets Microphones and Speakers. Quote us by selecting your required part number from the part number list.

Part Number List for FSC 5965 headsets handsets microphones and speakers

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
PGO-ETVS602T-2 microphone dynamic U S Dept Of Transportation Federal 5965-01-658-9422 Avl RFQ
HS-40 loudspeaker electromagnetic Shakespeare Company Llc 5965-01-657-6806 Avl RFQ
6520-102 horn loudspeaker Hose Mc Cann Telephone Co Inc 5965-01-493-4060 Avl RFQ
DR-100 headset electrical Sony Corporation 5965-01-364-1083 Avl RFQ
514B microphone dynamic Shure Bros Inc 5965-01-228-7421 Avl RFQ
MX-1054 U driver loudspeaker Joint Electronics Type Designation 5965-00-221-5789 Avl RFQ
270448-03 microphone assembly B E Aerospace Inc 5965-01-620-2198 Avl RFQ
62840-01 headset microphone Plantronics Inc 5965-01-547-9029 Avl RFQ
69C2080 cable microphone Gentex Corporation 5965-01-240-0183 Avl RFQ
SDS 2491-01 headset microphone Plantronics Inc 5965-01-593-8348 Avl RFQ
BMN 6007A microphone dynamic State Health Services Texas 5965-01-250-5768 Avl RFQ
SK429 cushion ear Roanwell Corporation 5965-00-296-1493 Avl RFQ
GF0779TV loudspeaker permane Cui Corp 5965-01-502-8769 Avl RFQ
E-27566F-T loudspeaker permane Marine Electric Systems Llc 5965-01-315-1916 Avl RFQ
LS-530 SIC loudspeaker electro Federal Commercial Item Description 5965-00-857-4014 Avl RFQ
XMMC72 microphone dynamic Harris Llc 5965-01-632-5954 Avl RFQ
7102646 loudspeaker permane Ge Aviation Systems Llc 5965-01-114-8135 Avl RFQ
61716-212 driver loudspeaker Dynalec Corporation 5965-01-339-4495 Avl RFQ
25053 cushion ear Racal Acoustics Limited 5965-01-315-1912 Avl RFQ
85-08346-D03 handset Raytheon E Systems Inc 5965-01-308-9216 Avl RFQ
SM-B-336033 filter acoustical Teledyne Technologies Incorporated 5965-00-295-7031 Avl RFQ
28H02 loudspeaker permane Quam Nichols Co 5965-00-870-1980 Avl RFQ
SP57F loudspeaker permane Utah American Corp 5965-00-990-8669 Avl RFQ
UP10799 contact spring Exelis Inc 5965-00-128-0507 Avl RFQ
50357.001 handset Plantronics Inc 5965-01-397-5566 Avl RFQ
01-P24254P001 headset microphone Motorola Inc 5965-01-260-7107 Avl RFQ
SHS-2058-15 headset electrical Plantronics Inc 5965-01-467-5462 Avl RFQ
GW1153-01 cushion ear Gentex Corporation 5965-01-581-6312 Avl RFQ
33-1023 headset electrical Radioshack Corporation 5965-01-268-4460 Avl RFQ
R30D earphone Lucent Technologies Inc 5965-00-129-3170 Avl RFQ
H101N-R headset microphone Plantronics Inc 5965-01-508-6053 Avl RFQ
H251N headset electrical Plantronics Inc 5965-01-431-3246 Avl RFQ
N0VA10 headset electrical Radioshack Corporation 5965-00-529-0602 Avl RFQ
12-520447-1 headset electrical Dcm Industries 5965-00-121-7569 Avl RFQ
HHS-A-001 boom microphone Silynx Communications Inc 5965-01-599-0799 Avl RFQ
1468G-3LC headset electrical Audio Sears Corp 5965-01-140-1522 Avl RFQ
SMT 48 7 WITH 2 SPADE TERMS loudspeaker permanent magnet Shokai Far East Ltd 5965-01-130-5186 Avl RFQ
7184495-000 headset microphone L3 Communications Corp 5965-01-598-8761 Avl RFQ
510-842 cushion ear Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Inc 5965-01-607-8609 Avl RFQ
MT-1390 U stand microphone Joint Electronics Type Designation 5965-00-296-1492 Avl RFQ
FL-U-94A-19 adapter headset Tribalco Llc 5965-01-599-7367 Avl RFQ
NSN6027A loudspeaker electro Motorola Solutions Inc 5965-01-500-1819 Avl RFQ
G5AM-3 handset American Telephone And Telegraph Co 5965-01-353-6380 Avl RFQ
GC625 handset headset Itt Industries Inc 5965-00-309-4814 Avl RFQ
G3AR3 handset Lucent Technologies Inc 5965-00-519-6966 Avl RFQ
50P16062A001 microphone dynamic Motorola Inc 5965-00-193-2406 Avl RFQ
90-327-1 handset L3 Communications Corp 5965-01-531-3132 Avl RFQ
10497 microphone element Roanwell Corporation 5965-00-757-3403 Avl RFQ
P93387 diaphragm loudspeak American Telephone And Telegraph Co 5965-00-127-1656 Avl RFQ
A-2854 holder handset L3 Communications Corp 5965-01-283-9546 Avl RFQ

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