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FSC 5975 Electrical Hardware and Supplies Catalog

FSC 5975 Electrical Hardware and Supplies is assigned to the parts listed below. Browse our database for top part numbers including TRSA1014 E 4 Sleeve Marker Cable - 5975-01-373-9963, 5-15551 Panel Electrical El - 5975-01-332-0443, 707861GP3 Cabinet Electrical - 5975-00-305-2571, MT3627BAPG59 Rack Electrical Equipment - 5975-00-107-0185, 132-32900 Rack Electrical Equ - 5975-01-511-6408 .

One Click Purchasing, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, is an industry-leading supplier of Tyco Electronics Corporation, Data General Inc, Raytheon Company, Joint Electronics Type Designation, Leidos Inc new and obsolete parts. Our unmatched supply-chain network and inventory of over 3 billion parts and components allows us to ensure the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

A Federal Supply Class (FSC) is a numeric identification number assigned to components by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) via the NSN. The FSC makes up the second 2-digits of the NSN and determines the subclass an item belongs to within its assigned Federal Supply Group(FSG). Need a quote for your required part from FSC 5975 Electrical Hardware and Supplies? Simply complete an instant RFQ form to get started.

Part Number List for FSC 5975 electrical hardware and supplies

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
TRSA1014 E 4 sleeve marker cable Tyco Electronics Corporation 5975-01-373-9963 Avl RFQ
5-15551 panel electrical el Data General Inc 5975-01-332-0443 Avl RFQ
707861GP3 cabinet electrical Raytheon Company 5975-00-305-2571 Avl RFQ
MT3627BAPG59 rack electrical equipment Joint Electronics Type Designation 5975-00-107-0185 Avl RFQ
132-32900 rack electrical equ Leidos Inc 5975-01-511-6408 Avl RFQ
7481VI box connector elect Egs Electrical Group Llc 5975-00-660-5844 Avl RFQ
717-043 adapter electrical Glenair Inc 5975-01-485-1490 Avl RFQ
4171-248 adapter electrical Flagg Stanley G And Co Inc 5975-01-517-1451 Avl RFQ
J15K0011-5 adapter electrical Mc Donnell Douglas Corp 5975-01-422-6408 Avl RFQ
971.32.51.206 strap tiedown elect Pilatus Aircraft Ltd 5975-12-151-4074 Avl RFQ
9S1402HG panel blank General Kinetics Inc 5975-00-903-8860 Avl RFQ
00920-22002 plate electrical gr Agilent Technologies Inc 5975-01-190-0175 Avl RFQ
068353 panel blank L3 Communications Corp 5975-01-487-1373 Avl RFQ
622-1581-001 mounting base elect Rockwell Collins Inc 5975-01-049-5373 Avl RFQ
H16-526B box Peerless Winsmith Inc 5975-00-359-4924 Avl RFQ
21-09929 IT 4 box connector elect Macgregor Sweden Ab Goteborg 5975-01-482-9060 Avl RFQ
ZT100-100-80 junction box Zero Manufacturing Inc 5975-00-141-0466 Avl RFQ
362-0019-000 cable nipple electr Rockwell Collins Inc 5975-00-628-7714 Avl RFQ
901-370-345-543 mounting base elect The Boeing Company 5975-01-471-9212 Avl RFQ
G221750PC4 boot dust and moist Lucent Technologies Inc 5975-00-583-8553 Avl RFQ
00415-0052 conduit metal flexi Science Applications Intl Inc 5975-01-115-7761 Avl RFQ
7-219510063 panel electrical el Boeing Company The 5975-01-182-4046 Avl RFQ
H442670-1 chassis electrical Raytheon Company 5975-01-586-7297 Avl RFQ
VDP3136 strap tiedown elect Giat Industries 5975-00-727-5153 Avl RFQ
PLT.6SM strap tiedown elect Panduit Corp 5975-01-625-8839 Avl RFQ
1100968 retainer terminal Honeywell International Inc 5975-00-012-3894 Avl RFQ
E986J conduit outlet Carlon A Lamson And Sessions Co 5975-01-145-7407 Avl RFQ
232-131301-04 cable routing ring Illinois Tool Works Inc 5975-01-198-2882 Avl RFQ
AS-055085-06 rack electrical equ Crenlo Cab Products Inc 5975-01-605-2468 Avl RFQ
749-034-12 conduit assembly no Glenair Inc 5975-01-444-5621 Avl RFQ
9D0090-50U rail guide Boeing Company The 5975-01-369-7520 Avl RFQ
R58HA14F35X012A conduit assembly no Joslyn Sunbank Company Llc 5975-01-496-7910 Avl RFQ
1223AL bushing electrical Thomas And Betts Corporation 5975-01-127-2072 Avl RFQ
237206-0008 assy splice box Marotta Controls Inc 5975-01-561-9805 Avl RFQ
1672-0073 cable nipple electr Longwood Elastomers Inc 5975-01-471-8613 Avl RFQ
AB-1812HC junction box Austin Co Inc 5975-00-861-1113 Avl RFQ
AA50553-1-2-M-1-01-S box connector elect Federal Commercial Item Description 5975-00-244-7807 Avl RFQ
280556-01 chassis electrical electronic eq Argon St Inc 5975-01-653-2310 Avl RFQ
AS33671 strap tiedown elect Society Of Automotive Engineers Inc 5975-00-451-5001 Avl RFQ
13212E3582-3 packing nut stuffin Cecom Lr Center 5975-01-162-0612 Avl RFQ
02-2775310 chassis electrical General Dynamics Corporation 5975-01-571-4474 Avl RFQ
ZA-16 box connector elect Killark Electric Mfg Co 5975-01-112-3115 Avl RFQ
460-2793-11 junction box Huntington Ingalls Incorporated 5975-00-096-2718 Avl RFQ
25400063 plate mounting Ward Leonard Electric Company Inc 5975-01-206-4055 Avl RFQ
LD10BR6-A duct wiring Panduit Corp 5975-01-234-6647 Avl RFQ
WC586TYPE1DESIGN1STYLELL conduit outlet Federal Specifications Promulgat 5975-00-655-2769 Avl RFQ
DG-008336A base chassis Drs Consolidated Controls Inc 5975-01-622-5320 Avl RFQ
40179 panel blank Bud Industries Inc 5975-01-097-4701 Avl RFQ
PLC1MS4-0 strap tiedown elect Panduit Corp 5975-00-027-4598 Avl RFQ
KC-100-IT box connector elect Egs Electrical Corporation 5975-00-681-4720 Avl RFQ

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