FSC 5985 Antennas Waveguides and Related Equipment Catalog

We provides complete database of FSC, browse SA608BWLR Switch Radio Freque - 5985-00-239-6558, 912705-1 Coupler Rotary Radi - 5985-01-060-3634, D02017D Attenuator Variable - 5985-01-466-3937, 24567 Coupler Directional - 5985-01-137-7621, 716393-01 Waveguide Assembly - 5985-01-216-4676 online under Federal Supply Class 5985 Antennas Waveguides and Related Equipment database. Here is a complete list of leading manufacturers of 5985 Antennas Waveguides and Related Equipment. Quote us by selecting your required part number from the part number list.

Part Number List for FSC 5985 antennas waveguides and related equipment

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
SA608BWLR switch radio freque Joint Electronics Type Designation 5985-00-239-6558 Avl RFQ
912705-1 coupler rotary radi Raytheon Company 5985-01-060-3634 Avl RFQ
D02017D attenuator variable Thales Systemes Aeroportes S A 5985-01-466-3937 Avl RFQ
24567 coupler directional L3 Communications Corp 5985-01-137-7621 Avl RFQ
716393-01 waveguide assembly Edo Aire 5985-01-216-4676 Avl RFQ
450-030-415-101 bonded panel assy Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 5985-01-604-2856 Avl RFQ
0450006-1 switch radio frequency transmission line Raytheon Company 5985-01-307-8063 Avl RFQ
654VE7148-3 waveguide assembly Advanced Technical Materials Inc 5985-01-313-3335 Avl RFQ
4401 attenuator fixed Emerson Network Power Ltd 5985-01-025-7285 Avl RFQ
160B-150FN dummy load electric Joslyn Products 5985-00-773-7311 Avl RFQ
22750-140 adapter waveguide Microwave Development Company Inc 5985-01-294-6008 Avl RFQ
2125 100 antenna Trivec Avant Corporation 5985-01-645-7476 Avl RFQ
G134154-2 antenna assembly Raytheon Company 5985-01-183-8800 Avl RFQ
TFT-86-031-1 waveguide assembly Microwave Engineering Corporation 5985-01-108-9197 Avl RFQ
MPTS75 UBR PBR N waveguide assembly Microtech Inc 5985-01-504-8003 Avl RFQ
A2916-20-1A coupler directional Aiken Advanced Systems Inc 5985-01-288-3100 Avl RFQ
C16N6ABF switch radio freque Eaton Industrial Corporation 5985-00-296-5569 Avl RFQ
3143876-1 line radio frequenc Navair And Navsea Managed 5985-01-069-1940 Avl RFQ
799110-4208 antenna Frontier Electronic Systems Inc 5985-01-296-1907 Avl RFQ
1986 antenna coupler gro Tech Resources Inc 5985-01-312-9446 Avl RFQ
PE7031-10 attenuator fixed Pasternack Enterprises Inc 5985-01-624-6201 Avl RFQ
10564-3070-01 diplexer Harris Llc 5985-01-576-0842 Avl RFQ
K752D coupler directional Keysight Technologies Inc 5985-00-084-8992 Avl RFQ
VHLP6-23-2WH A antenna Andrew Llc 5985-01-609-0458 Avl RFQ
470334-1 waveguide assembly Raytheon Company 5985-00-868-5209 Avl RFQ
C1373-200 coupler directional Werlatone Inc 5985-01-550-9390 Avl RFQ
107054G2 waveguide assembly Litton Systems Inc 5985-00-757-8063 Avl RFQ
R10-161 waveguide assembly Microwave Engineering Corporation 5985-00-134-9219 Avl RFQ
TS645287 waveguide assembly Microwave Engineering Corporation 5985-00-920-6623 Avl RFQ
5413-00-0000 N/A Tactronics Group International Llc 5985-01-583-6365 Avl RFQ
10016-3 divider power radio Anaren Inc 5985-00-428-0710 Avl RFQ
2634643G011 waveguide assembly Exelis Inc 5985-01-344-9067 Avl RFQ
13372769 modkit antenna Raytheon Technical Services Company 5985-01-453-1609 Avl RFQ
10617-10 coupler directional Anaren Inc 5985-00-310-4203 Avl RFQ
JH684 divider power radio Cobham Electronic Systems Inc 5985-01-342-4579 Avl RFQ
GD1G032S500NA attenuator fixed Clarostat Sensors And Controls 5985-01-240-0268 Avl RFQ
132127-1 N/A Exelis Inc 5985-01-134-9839 Avl RFQ
M6 413J38 1T switch radio freque Ducommun Labarge Technologies Inc 5985-01-224-7077 Avl RFQ
DA88AU dummy load electric Joint Electronics Type Designation 5985-00-679-5718 Avl RFQ
039626 coupling waveguide L3 Communications Corp 5985-01-134-0461 Avl RFQ
22957-1250 line radio frequenc Circle Prime Manufacturing Inc 5985-01-272-4474 Avl RFQ
ASST0020005 antenna Raven Industries Inc 5985-01-571-2308 Avl RFQ
7767013PT3 line section radio General Electric Inc 5985-00-254-6150 Avl RFQ
SB50-C18590 switch radio freque Miteq Inc 5985-01-563-0066 Avl RFQ
0277027-1 waveguide Raytheon Company 5985-01-208-9868 Avl RFQ
BP14136 line radio frequenc Burke Products Inc 5985-01-271-8620 Avl RFQ
JSI-32A J14HT-50 panel patching ante Trompeter Electronics Inc 5985-01-358-5095 Avl RFQ
2921474-002 coupler directional Navair And Navsea Managed 5985-00-234-5713 Avl RFQ
368683-2 coupler rotary radi Edo Corporation 5985-01-027-7947 Avl RFQ
870454 antenna element Telex Communications Inc 5985-01-553-0672 Avl RFQ

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