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FSG 70 Automatic Data Processing Equipment Including Firmware Software Supplies and Support Equipment Catalog

Group 7010 consist of components such as an analog, digital alongside with electromechanical or hybrid electronic devices. Such devices are interconnected to be able operate in unison. These group of units are often referred to as ADP.

Group 7025 items consist of devices used to transfer information to computers and be able to control the entire device. The input and output are used for transferring data and results.

Group 7030 is made up of a series of software that provides instructions and known statements to be converted into a compatible version for a CPU.

Group 7035 is made up of various devices that are designed to be able to be combined along with the ADPE design. Although they are combined it is not a part of the actual ADPE.

Group 7040 includes Collating machines, key punch machines, tabulating machines, verifiers, reproducers, summary punches, sorters interpreters.

Group 7042 includes micro computers used as controllers to monitor, measure and to process devices, instruments, and other units.

Group 7045 consist of miscellaneous products such as tape seal bands, reels, and hubs, carrying cases, canisters, and the like.

Group 7050 includes ADP Component units that are made for parts of analog, digital or hybrid data processing devices.

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