FSG 95 Metal Bars Sheets and Shapes Catalog

Raw building materials are needed in every structural construction. Metal bars, metal sheets, wiring, and plates of all kinds are needed to create the proper modern building. Non-electrical wire is a thin, flexible and continuous length of metal, usually in a circular cross section shape.

Wiring is often composed of nonferrous base metal. The nonferrous base metals are advantageous because of their desirable qualities such as light weight, higher conductivity, and resistance to corrosion. Because of these advantages, nonferrous base metals are offered at a generally higher cost than ferrous metals.

Many pieces of bulk metal bars are treated through a process called rolling. During the production process, certain raw metal parts are passed through a pair of rollers. This process reduces the overall thickness of the metal and ensures that the thickness of the part is uniform. It is important to note that these items are usually found in bulk material form and can be found in FSG 95 in the Federal Supply Guide.

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