FSG 32 Woodworking Machinery and Equipment Catalog

The first four digits of all parts with National Stock Numbers are what enable the parts to be classified. When the government uses and/or buys parts, the parts are assigned NSNs which help part classification. The first two digits of the number consist of the Federal Supply Group, or FSG. The first four are referred to as the Federal Supply Code, or the FSC, and the rest of the number is considered the National Item Identification Number, or NIIN. One of the ways the government identifies parts is within the category of woodworking The Defense Logistics Agency refers to this one group in particular as Federal Supply Group 32: Woodworking Machinery and Equipment

We stock parts under FSG 32 and the following FSCs:

One Click Purchasing has this Federal Supply Group components readily available. Items that fall under the category of woodworking parts components are sawmill and planing mill machinery, all woodworking machines such as mortisers, tenoners, and veneer lathes (excluding hand held power-driven tools), and any tools and attachments for woodworking machinery. Also classified in this group are circular and band saw blades, cutter heads, jointer and notcher heads, and general cutters.

At One Click Purchasing, we provide a large variety of components to meet the needs of our customers. This requires having all the National Stock Number parts and Federal Supply Codes readily available, including Federal Supply Group 32 and all woodworking parts.

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