FSG 42 Firefighting Rescue and Safety Equipment and Environmental Protection Equipment and Materials Catalog

The U.S. Department of Defense created the National Stock Number system in order to create a uniform naming system for all the components that are sourced, stocked, and procured within the federal supply system. NSNs are 13 digit serial numbers that classify and describe an item. Within the NSN are the smaller classification numbers, Federal Supply Group, Federal Supply Class, country code, and National Item Identification Number. Typically in the format, XXXX-XX-XXXXXXX, the first two digits of the NSN are the Federal Supply Group. The following two digits are the Federal Supply Class. The FSG and the FSC can be referenced in the Department of Defense’s H2 handbook.

FSG 42 is a group that consists of equipment and tools used to combat fires as well as be protected from fires. There are 6 different federal supply classes that make up the group FSG 42 which are:

  • FSC 4210 - Firefighting Equipment

4210 includes parts such as fire extinguishers, fire axes, fire rakes, fire beaters, fire trucks, fire hose, play pipes, hose fittings with one or many fire hose end connections, fire hose reels, alongside other specific items. Exclusions in this group are wrecking bars. (FSC 5120, 1385)

  • FSC 4220 - Marine Lifesaving and Diving Equipment

Group 4220 is more of aquatic equipment such as diving and salvage components. Included in this group are rescue nets, buoyant, inflatable life vests, and life rafts. Group 4220 excludes lifesaving boats.

  • FSC 4230 - Decontaminating and Impregnating Equipment

Group 4230 consist of almost all parts of Decontamination and Impregnating equipment except equipment designed for impregnating metal castings and electric components. Also excluding processing leather and textiles.

  • FSC 4235 - Hazardous Material Spill Containment and Clean Up Equipment and Material

Group 4235 includes Spillage and clean up material such as contamination sumps, Liquid Spill contamination pallets and other specific items.

  • FSC 4240 - Safety and Rescue Equipment

Group 4240 consist of Portable Fire Escapes; Safety Nets, Nonbuoyant. Excluding Fixed Fire Escapes and Divers Suits.

  • FSC 4250 - Recycling and Reclamation Equipment

Items in group 4250 are made to remove, neutralize and prepare for possible re use of substances or else known to be unreclaimable.

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