FSG 53 Hardware and Abrasives Catalog

Every part used and solicited in the federal supply chain is classified and categorized by a National Stock Number or NATO Stock Number (NSN), an exclusive 13-digit identifying number, which is composed of more specific subgroups of numbers. The most general classifications are the first subgroups which is a 4-digit Federal Supply Classification Group (FSCG). Related items will also have similar FSCGs. The Federal Supply Group (FSG), a 2-digit number, is the first part of the FSCG. The 2-digit Federal Supply Code (FSC) that follows is more specific. The next 9 numbers that follow in the NSN are known as the NIIN, or National Item Identification Number. This includes a 2-digit NCB (National Codification Bureau) that signifies the country to first codify the item as well as 7-digit unique item identifying number.

In FSG 53 hardware and abrasives you can find everything from screws, bolts, studs, nuts and washers, nails, hardware, brackets, stones, and even parts for weapon systems. Plus, much more. Here is a guideline to ordering these parts.

We stock parts under FSG 53 and the following FSCs:

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