FSG 60 Fiber Optics Materials Components Assemblies and Accessories Catalog

The U.S. Department of Defense created the National Stock Number system in order to create a uniform naming system for all the components that are sourced, stocked, and procured within the federal supply system. NSNs are 13 digit serial numbers that classify and describe an item. Within the NSN are the smaller classification numbers, Federal Supply Group, Federal Supply Class, country code, and National Item Identification Number. Typically in the format, XXXX-XX-XXXXXXX, the first two digits of the NSN are the Federal Supply Group. The following two digits are the Federal Supply Class. The FSG and the FSC can be referenced in the Department of Defense’s H2 handbook.

FSG 60 is a group filled with fiber optic materials and accessories for communication, data transmission, alongside illumination. Includes many parts that pertain to fiber optics but specifically excludes FSG 65 (medical); hand tools under FSG 51; and electrical, electronic, and optical instruments under FSG 66 (instruments).

We stock parts under FSG 60 and the following FSCs:

A brief description of what some of these groups might consist of include bulk discrete fibers, discrete fiber optic conductors with a common protective covering in bulk form, fiber optic conductors/cables with processed end(s) or terminated in fitting(s). Switches used for line selection in fiber optic systems, transmitters, receivers, multiplexers, demultiplexes, modulators, demodulators, repeaters, attenuators, filters, integrated optical circuits, and the like, used in fiber optic systems. light emitting and laser diodes and photo detectors used in fiber optic systems.

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