Top Aerospace Parts Manufacturers List By First Letter U

CAGE Code Manufacturer Name
Z8447 united equipment inc
Z6F30 universal engineering corp
Z07J1 ultralife corporation
Z02E8 united equipment inc
U6734 ultralife corporation
U6454 ultra electronics ltd
U5560 unipart automotive limited
U3979 ultra electronics ltd
U2768 ultra electronics ltd
U1811 unbrako ltd
U0777 ultra electronics ltd
U0548 united technologies corporation
SF968 urdan industries usa inc
S0349 unic corporation
R1451 ulstein bergen a s
N1365 umoe schat harding inc
N0379 ulstein usa inc
L1084 ultra electronics ltd
KCWE1 ufc aerospace corp
KCPW7 unipart automotive limited
K8082 ultra electronics ltd
K8081 ultra electronics ltd
K7335 umoe schat harding inc
K3558 ultra electronics ltd
K2509 ultra electronics ltd
K1392 unipart automotive limited
K1313 ultra electronics ltd
K1164 ultra electronics ltd
K1076 ultra dynamics ltd
K0653 ultra electronics ltd
K0026 unison engine componentsmanches
F0115 union technique electricite
F0114 union technique electricite
D1311 unbrako ltd
B3425 united seal and rubber company inc
9U526 u s small business administration
9K376 urs electronics inc
9K045 united aeronautical corporation
9H315 u s small business administration
98514 university of washington
97992 uniroyal goodrich canada inc
97954 u s components inc
97328 universal electric co
96941 unison industries llc
96332 universal industries inc
96209 united states steel corporation
96195 unistrut el paso
95310 unidynamics phoenix
95219 univex corporation
95089 universal electric co
94120 u s divers co aqua lung div
93871 united states data corp
93713 united transformer corp
93306 u t i corp pa uniform tubes div
92582 universal friction composites inc
92379 unisys corp
92199 univox california
92196 universal industries inc
91122 united states steel corporation
90949 united states steel corporation
90699 unimasco inc
90521 unisys corp
90030 usm corp sub of emhart industries inc
8Z972 unisys corp
8W738 u s small business administration
8L858 upright inc
89665 united transformer corp
88930 union carbide corp
88900 upright inc
88719 utility electronic corp
88690 united technologies corporation
88234 united electric controls company
88193 underwriters laboratories inc
88001 united states postal service
87771 university sound
87733 united seal and rubber company inc
87732 united refrigeration inc
87578 union carbide corp
85926 union carbide corp
83865 urs electronics inc
83835 usr industries inc
83311 unison industries llc
82892 utility electronic corp
82740 universal friction composites inc
82713 utility trailer mfg co
82214 union carbide corp
81979 united air filter inc
81345 underwriters laboratories inc
81263 universal components corp
80948 united refrigeration inc
80751 u s industries inc
80749 united specialties co
80671 u s tsubaki inc
80600 united specialties co
80524 union carbide corp
80331 utah american corp
80223 united transformer corp
7X078 union carbide corp
7R512 unisys corp
7M560 u s small business administration
7M138 united chemi-con
7K495 union carbide corp
7G353 union carbide corp
79049 universal engineering corp
79031 united precision products
79026 united electronics co
78985 union chain div of ust inc
78977 unity manufacturing co
78973 united states steel corporation
78940 united air filter inc
78923 united states steel corporation
78916 union city body co llc
787P4 ulti mate connector inc
78372 universal industries inc
77810 unisys corp
77445 united technologies corporation
77442 unisys corp
75837 united electric controls company
74389 ulanet george co
73823 uniroyal inc
73057 usm corp sub of emhart industries inc
72759 united catalysts inc
72216 united technologies corporation
71044 uop inc air correction div
70712 usm corp sub of emhart industries inc
70707 usm corp sub of emhart industries inc
7041B uro vehiculos especiales sa
6ZRX6 unbrako ltd
6Z720 u s small business administration
6X985 united technologies corporation
6W060 unbrako ltd
6U975 unisys corp
6S074 unisys corp
6RQ32 united rentals inc
6LBA7 ultralife corporation
6K879 u s small business administration
6K329 u s small business administration
6D234 united seal and rubber company inc
6D181 union carbide corp
68008 u s small business administration
67948 uniroyal goodrich canada inc
67656 u s small business administration
66899 union carbide corp
65793 urdan industries usa inc
65180 unisys corp
64344 unique electronics inc
64305 united marine communications
63504 umoe schat harding inc
62687 uhlir manufacturing corp
62643 united chemi-con
62508 utility trailer mfg co
62353 u s para plate corp
62242 universal motors oshkosh a
62137 universal engineering corp
62119 universal electric co
61995 united states steel corporation
61976 united specialties co
61959 u s repeating arms co
61957 usm corp sub of emhart industries inc
61901 united electric controls company
61858 united technologies corporation
61820 unipress corporation
61812 united electric controls company
61633 uniflow manufacturing company db
61617 unisys corp
61497 united states steel corporation
61318 ultra electronics audiopack
61218 united avionics inc
60144 unifab industries inc
60074 usi inc
5W3V7 urs electronics inc
5R963 u s small business administration
5R547 united technologies corporation
5M696 ufc aerospace corp
5M392 u s small business administration
5H379 u s small business administration
59527 unisys corp
59501 unison industries llc
59112 uop inc air correction div
58U50 united states marine inc
58967 ulti mate connector inc
58712 useco an affil of united service equipment co
58499 u w d mfg inc
58325 u s lighting corp
57697 unisys corp
57640 united chemi-con
57258 urs energy and construction inc
57185 union carbide corp
57112 universal data systems inc
56848 united states dynamics inc
56306 underwater systems inc
56033 unaflex inc
55535 unitron inc
55354 university of texas at austin
55340 united technologies corporation
53335 universal logistics corp clark div
53161 uniflow manufacturing company db
52847 united states crystal corp
52729 united equipment inc
52661 united technologies corporation
52369 united drill bushing corporation
51992 union machine company of lynn inc
51927 united electric controls company
51536 united air filter inc
50808 united supply co inc
50456 unisys corp
50255 unison engine componentsmanches
4ZP61 ultra electronics ltd
4W798 unisys corp
4S622 uniflow manufacturing company db
4S536 unisys corp
4R096 united seal and rubber company inc
4K860 u s small business administration
4K245 u s small business administration
4JYL9 u s hose corp
4H205 u s small business administration
4F326 unisys corp
4BNK0 unaflex inc
4BDY7 united refrigeration inc
49269 unisys corp
48Y29 united refrigeration inc
48726 unitrode integrated circuits corp
48512 uop inc air correction div
46646 underwater systems inc
45722 usm corp sub of emhart industries inc
44291 u s pioneer l l c dba u s pioneer
42451 ucar carbon co inc
41TQ5 united rentals inc
41698 united technologies corporation
3SBK0 university of texas at austin
3R301 u s small business administration
3PHT7 united states dynamics inc
3L9V7 united refrigeration inc
3L184 united technologies corporation
3HJS8 unicorp
3G5C0 united technologies corporation
3G498 united electric controls company
3FXU2 united electronics co
3FCJ1 united refrigeration inc
3D758 unisys corp
3D159 unisys corp
3BC99 unitron inc
3AE72 ultra electronics ltd
37958 united marine communications
36346 union carbide corp
36180 ultra electronics ltd
34428 united page inc
34396 unimax corp
34157 urs electronics inc
338L5 united states antenna products l l c
32498 uusi llc dba nartron
31829 united technologies corporation
31666 u s divers co aqua lung div
31293 university swaging corp
30644 universal logistics corp clark div
30127 unimac co inc
30000 union carbide corp
2X128 united technologies corporation
2J705 unisys corp
2J479 unex corporation
2E386 united refrigeration inc
2D851 ultra electronics ltd
29807 united states steel corporation
29674 urs electronics inc
28891 united technologies corporation
28210 united standard industries inc
27986 unique electronics inc
27901 united states plastic corp
27847 unicontrol inc dba hays cleveland
27085 united states postal service
27074 united electric controls company
26976 university of lowell research foundation
26269 u s dynamics corporation
26244 uniroyal inc
25025 united equipment inc
24956 united technologies corporation
23261 ute microwave inc
22680 u m c electronics co
22620 union carbide corp
20638 union carbide corp
20236 union carbide corp
1Z131 unifab industries inc
1YHY4 united aeronautical corporation
1Y689 united refrigeration inc
1Y073 u s bearings
1X0L7 united rentals inc
1WWV3 united refrigeration inc
1W344 united chemi-con
1W121 united refrigeration inc
1S953 unisys corp
1S157 u s small business administration
1QW17 university of massachusetts
1QL96 unicontrol inc dba hays cleveland
1QCC0 united marine communications
1PKZ0 u s tech inc
1MCJ4 uec electronics llc
1K964 u s divers co aqua lung div
1J4P3 unison engine componentsmanches
1HRN8 urs electronics inc
1HL65 united states data corp
1GC59 uke corporation dba underwater kinetics
1FDG9 urs electronics inc
1FAK9 u s tsubaki inc
1F103 united titanium inc
1EW90 unicontrol inc dba hays cleveland
1D8S5 united states steel corporation
1B2Q8 united chemi-con
1B298 union carbide corp
1AM56 u s tech inc
18181 under sea industries inc
18076 umpco inc
17328 united precision products
16974 unimac co inc
16623 united states data corp
16455 united instruments
16264 united states monorail corp stanspec div
16190 unison engine componentsmanches
16126 unison engine componentsmanches
16039 u s department of the interior bureau of mines
15942 usacecom intelligence electronic
15823 uniflite inc
14832 union carbide corp
14652 united brass works inc
14531 united air filter inc
14314 united electric controls company
14134 united technologies corporation
14066 usm corp sub of emhart industries inc
13932 usm corp sub of emhart industries inc
12982 ultra dynamics ltd
12615 u s terminals inc
12307 ucar carbon co inc
12255 united states data corp
12175 unitron inc
12104 university of washington
12079 unidynamics phoenix
10217 union carbide corp
0ZV92 upright inc
0ZB13 united technologies corporation
0Z164 university sound
0YNZ9 ulstein usa inc
0YBX7 union technique electricite
0W7G8 u s hose corp
0VSA3 united technologies corporation
0VPX3 united transformer corp
0VBX6 united technologies corporation
0UY48 unaflex inc
0UU59 ultralife corporation
0TZN7 united electronics co
0TR84 united valve company
0SL70 united rentals inc
0RWG8 unipower llc div n a
0RLM3 unistrut el paso
0NS23 united technologies corporation
0NNZ7 united states marine inc
0MR58 unison industries llc
0KH29 underwater systems inc
0KFE6 underwater systems inc
0JKF4 ulstein usa inc
0J4J0 unisys corp
0FMG9 unisys corp
0FKU1 u s small business administration
0EXL7 universal electric co
0EUD7 united aeronautical corporation
0EJS9 usacecom intelligence electronic
0DPC1 unisys corp
0B9D8 ultra electronics audiopack
0B974 unisys corp
0AFZ7 unisys corp
0ACM6 united refrigeration inc
09TE8 ussc group inc dba jg seating
09975 unisys corp
09743 union carbide corp
09033 unison industries llc
08485 uniroyal goodrich canada inc
08368 unifin intl div of wabtec canada inc
08335 union carbide corp
08125 u s department of the interior bureau of mines
07556 unitrack industries inc
07450 united technologies corporation
07188 union carbide corp
07148 united technologies corporation
07098 union carbide corp
06NT6 united space alliance llc
068H2 unison industries llc
06877 unitron inc
06512 usm corp sub of emhart industries inc
06484 usm corp sub of emhart industries inc
06480 usm corp sub of emhart industries inc
06201 united states dynamics inc
05ZR6 united space alliance llc
05LX7 united electronics co
05GG9 united refrigeration inc
05882 united aeronautical corporation
05397 union carbide corp
05347 ultronix inc
04729 unicorp
043L0 universal electric co
03RT3 urs electronics inc
03875 united air filter inc
03866 union carbide corp
02758 u s bearings
02666 unity manufacturing co
024M0 united electric controls company
02304 univox california
02205 union carbide corp
02006 usr industries inc
01749 unisys corp
01400 united corp the
01363 united states marine inc
00613 usm corp sub of emhart industries inc
00476 union carbide corp
003N1 urs electronics inc
N/A ungar frederick publishing co
N/A usa products co inc
N/A uk3m
N/A ucc corporation and co gmbh
N/A umc inc
N/A unit
N/A utc america inc
N/A ukn group limited
N/A uscc services llc
N/A uma instr
N/A utmc
N/A universal avionics

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