FSC 1615 Helicopter Rotor Blades Drive Mechanisms and Components Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 1615 helicopter rotor blades drive mechanisms and components

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
204-011-115-001 fitting strap reten Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-474-9139 Avl RFQ
360A34-1038-21 support palier Eurocopter France Ets De Marignane 1615-14-385-3097 Avl RFQ
32907 clamp blade fold mo UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 1615-01-218-5593 Avl RFQ
65664-11211-101 guide pitch lock Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-126-6122 Avl RFQ
64351-11023-139 liner main gearbox Sterling Machine Company Inc 1615-01-125-7102 Avl RFQ
64361-04311-103 flange drive shaft Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-125-6990 Avl RFQ
3828 interrupter double Honeywell International Inc 1615-01-121-4428 Avl RFQ
114V1031-10 pad rod assembly The Boeing Company 1615-01-117-1128 Avl RFQ
6435-20021-012 sump stud assembly Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-00-982-0615 Avl RFQ
212-011-102-105 yoke main rotor ass Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-01-447-6764 Avl RFQ
64356-04044-106 liner gearbox Pcx Aerostructures Llc 1615-01-125-8809 Avl RFQ
204-012-101-001 hub rotary wing Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-833-1556 Avl RFQ
204-011-762-9 link assembly pitch Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-805-7456 Avl RFQ
212-010-708-001 cover assembly cont Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-254-2195 Avl RFQ
204-012-107-001 sleeve seal Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-200-8060 Avl RFQ
204-011-405-9 hub assembly collec Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-970-1259 Avl RFQ
ADC5705D2A gearbox accessory drive transmis Pall Aeropower Corp 1615-01-616-2865 Avl RFQ
204-011-701-19 hub tail rotor Ruag Aerospace Services Gmbh 1615-00-933-6825 Avl RFQ
204-011-025-1 weight rotary wing Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-401-6192 Avl RFQ
204-011-180-001 fitting drag brace Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-230-3886 Avl RFQ
204-010-765-3 control nut rotor Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-239-3679 Avl RFQ
689-1505 follower cam Rockwell Collins Inc 1615-01-328-0172 Avl RFQ
204-3135-1 modification kit sw Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-921-5976 Avl RFQ
47-641-041-2 guide tail rotor dr Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-199-9792 Avl RFQ
414R2002-37 rotor head aft The Boeing Company 1615-01-330-1284 Avl RFQ
19E203-2ACL97 coupling tailrotor Goodrich Corporation 1615-01-154-7077 Avl RFQ
70351-08029-041 jet assembly gearbo SPECO INC 1615-01-078-5715 Avl RFQ
6435-60062-041 strut assembly supp Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-00-986-6052 Avl RFQ
92104-15041-041 link scissors helicopter rotor Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-645-1193 Avl RFQ
47-620-600-25 transimission assem Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-960-3930 Avl RFQ
61170-30201-41 blade rotary rudder Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-476-6363 Avl RFQ
406-706-210 parts kit helicopte Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-01-297-4573 Avl RFQ
212-040-054-105 housing transmissio Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-01-441-7918 Avl RFQ
204-011-400-19 swashplate controll Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-01-018-3484 Avl RFQ
70351-08242-101 sump ring sound att Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-091-9712 Avl RFQ
406-010-401-101 swashplate and supp Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-01-164-3849 Avl RFQ
406-040-011-107 mast assy rotary wi Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-01-243-4221 Avl RFQ
70351-38175-041 carrier assembly Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-277-3516 Avl RFQ
204-010-479-11 plate set collectiv Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-787-4250 Avl RFQ
7-262110080 cable adapter Boeing Company The 1615-01-249-4001 Avl RFQ
S6112-33506-003 spindle rotary rudd Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-00-838-8090 Avl RFQ
S6110-24040-000 bracket rotor head Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-00-936-7216 Avl RFQ
47-140-101-4 stabilizer assembly Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-224-2850 Avl RFQ
212-040-457-1 spacer assembly spl Beta Corp 1615-00-439-5598 Avl RFQ
412-040-006-103 input quill assy ai Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-01-479-1280 Avl RFQ
400-040-055-109 housing input trans Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-01-475-8955 Avl RFQ
449-040-198-101 deflector dirt and Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-01-591-2912 Avl RFQ
70361-10005-041 ring assembly restr Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-415-3839 Avl RFQ
114R3433 swashplate controll The Boeing Company 1615-00-764-8689 Avl RFQ
369A7518 rod assembly tail r Mcdonnell Douglas Helicopter Co Inc 1615-00-921-0629 Avl RFQ

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