FSC 1615 Helicopter Rotor Blades Drive Mechanisms and Components Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 1615 helicopter rotor blades drive mechanisms and components

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
0-16881-1 N/A Lord Corp 1615-01-164-3758 Avl RFQ
UH1NKT0007 repair kit heat and Dla Aviation 1615-01-498-8906 Avl RFQ
2531541 N/A Navair And Navsea Managed 1615-01-594-5128 Avl RFQ
107D2256-4 gear rotor The Boeing Company 1615-00-052-4457 Avl RFQ
901-315-001-104 protector rotor bla Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-01-547-8352 Avl RFQ
A02DK213-1 parts kit transmiss The Boeing Company 1615-01-325-7863 Avl RFQ
107D3341-22 shaft assembly roto The Boeing Company 1615-01-216-8091 Avl RFQ
A02R1708-1 blade erosion strip The Boeing Company 1615-01-063-9390 Avl RFQ
70351-08085-042 cover assy liner Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-078-5712 Avl RFQ
A02D2240-4 case assembly upper The Boeing Company 1615-00-122-6653 Avl RFQ
A02R2501-44 head rotary wing The Boeing Company 1615-00-103-1941 Avl RFQ
70351-08001-047 transmission mechan Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-241-6110 Avl RFQ
70351-08120-102 plate locking and s Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-092-2000 Avl RFQ
107R1263-5 trailing edge assy The Boeing Company 1615-00-918-4778 Avl RFQ
UPB92148-2 stabilizer rotary wing General Atomics Aeronautical Sys Inc 1615-01-590-6287 Avl RFQ
7-211310158 cover main transmis Mcdonnell Douglas Helicopter Co Inc 1615-01-163-4513 Avl RFQ
7-211511205-3 limiter link contro Mcdonnell Douglas Helicopter Co Inc 1615-01-163-4520 Avl RFQ
7-211412048-3 bracket static disc Mcdonnell Douglas Helicopter Co Inc 1615-01-163-4501 Avl RFQ
540-011-392-5 shaft rotor Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-930-5231 Avl RFQ
7-114111135-5 N/A Mcdonnell Douglas Helicopter Co Inc 1615-01-164-3781 Avl RFQ
7-113100125 retainer gear Boeing Company The 1615-01-160-3493 Avl RFQ
7-211350005 drive shaft assembl Mcdonnell Douglas Helicopter Co Inc 1615-01-154-7075 Avl RFQ
7-113100201-3 jet input shaft Boeing Company The 1615-01-160-5620 Avl RFQ
2C90398G01 generator gas General Electric Inc 1615-01-328-6679 Avl RFQ
540-011-102-5 yoke assembly main Textron Systems Corporation 1615-00-906-6424 Avl RFQ
KT-014485990 parts kit seal repl Dla Aviation 1615-01-448-5990 Avl RFQ
SKCP2484-11 interconnect drive Kamatics Corporation 1615-01-226-4689 Avl RFQ
27908-15 screen lubrication Pall Aeropower Corp 1615-01-324-0241 Avl RFQ
A02R2711-1 liner antifretting The Boeing Company 1615-01-201-9630 Avl RFQ
A02R2941-1 N/A The Boeing Company 1615-00-071-8774 Avl RFQ
369F5510-1 coupling drive shaft Md Helicopters Inc 1615-01-667-7542 Avl RFQ
412-018-062-109 bushing locking mai Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-01-478-4367 Avl RFQ
65351-11228-042 housing assy bearin Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-00-400-9541 Avl RFQ
205-076-152-1 tube assy rotor bra Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-438-6663 Avl RFQ
65355-12056-041 liner and stud assy Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-00-915-6705 Avl RFQ
65357-07035-081 gearxbox plug assy Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-00-915-6858 Avl RFQ
65363-06000-041 couplingxassy Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-00-915-7119 Avl RFQ
65351-11012-101 housingxbearing Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-00-915-7509 Avl RFQ
205-040-136-001 cap assembly transm Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 1615-00-992-6473 Avl RFQ
70351-08186-043 extension assy main Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-074-5151 Avl RFQ
70107-08202-111 bushing bifilar Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-132-0790 Avl RFQ
65363-07001-103 housing outer disco Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-00-171-2200 Avl RFQ
369A1100-603 blade rotary wing Mcdonnell Douglas Helicopter Co Inc 1615-01-144-5285 Avl RFQ
65356-04060-041 retainer assy Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-00-946-5443 Avl RFQ
70103-08005-041 nut assy main rotor Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-240-1569 Avl RFQ
70361-05001-052 shaft propulsion ro Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-01-294-1674 Avl RFQ
13D2775-1 engine drive shaft The Boeing Company 1615-01-539-1785 Avl RFQ
70351-28202-041 flange sump seal Speco Inc 1615-01-158-9650 Avl RFQ
70105-28005-041 bracket assy helico Timken Aerospace Inc 1615-01-302-7147 Avl RFQ
65360-12252-101 flange flexible cou Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1615-00-163-4136 Avl RFQ

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