FSC 1650 Aircraft Hydraulic Vacuum and De-icing System Components Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 1650 aircraft hydraulic vacuum and de icing system components

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
114H4910 piston linear actua The Boeing Company 1650-00-780-6955 Avl RFQ
1226400 cylinder assembly a Cfm International Inc 1650-01-609-3107 Avl RFQ
32-69485-1 piston linear actua Derco Aerospace Inc 1650-00-788-1707 Avl RFQ
206620 insert fourth stage Drs Environmental Systems Inc 1650-00-337-5277 Avl RFQ
06100-08310-045 hinge sleeve Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1650-01-668-5186 Avl RFQ
LSA15-14C4S swivel joint hydrau Designed Metal Connections Inc 1650-01-540-6579 Avl RFQ
249-58109 piston linear actua Sabreliner Corp 1650-00-626-3732 Avl RFQ
329028 filter element flui Western Filter Co Inc 1650-01-360-2452 Avl RFQ
14500 valve directional f Moog Inc 1650-00-510-1220 Avl RFQ
134HM10069-1 retainer valve spri S And L Aerospace Metals Llc 1650-00-446-2543 Avl RFQ
104021 servovalve hydrauli Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation 1650-00-740-5428 Avl RFQ
1-02476-207 bellows assy Messier Dowty Ltd 1650-00-452-7293 Avl RFQ
0924-1 parts kit linear ac Boeing Company The 1650-00-788-6317 Avl RFQ
21-11736 filter element flui Transdigm Inc 1650-00-022-5453 Avl RFQ
313751 parts kit linear ac Parker Hannifin Ltd 1650-00-968-8518 Avl RFQ
3829021-1 retainer servocylin Triumph Actuation Systems Llc 1650-00-302-3229 Avl RFQ
SJ504N04E2-04E swivel joint hydraulic aircraft Parker Hannifin Ltd 1650-01-667-7881 Avl RFQ
20321-4 harness assy valve Fairchild Controls Corporation 1650-00-672-7975 Avl RFQ
341332 bellcrank cluster International Precision Mfg Co 1650-00-092-4241 Avl RFQ
4132190 actuator electro hydrostatic lin United Technologies Corporation 1650-01-653-6090 Avl RFQ
65651-06012-101 housing swivel S And L Aerospace Metals Llc 1650-00-940-9328 Avl RFQ
706896-3 plunger detent Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation 1650-00-226-4613 Avl RFQ
41000875 housing cylinder Woodward Hrt Inc 1650-00-243-7749 Avl RFQ
50016-002 cylinder assembly a Dover Engineered Systems Inc 1650-01-011-0699 Avl RFQ
2732207 retainer disk brake Parker Hannifin Ltd 1650-01-467-7725 Avl RFQ
MF24-3906-30S225-2 motor hydraulic Eaton Aerospace Ltd 1650-00-540-0145 Avl RFQ
216-32107-704 parts kit tank hydr Triumph Aerostructures Llc 1650-01-005-0665 Avl RFQ
CV15-601698-1 head flutter dampen Triumph Aerostructures Llc 1650-00-587-3017 Avl RFQ
265 580131 11 cylinder assembly a Boeing Company The 1650-00-863-2739 Avl RFQ
394020-5 cap linear actuatin Heroux Devtek Inc 1650-00-022-8680 Avl RFQ
P20781 plunger detent Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies 1650-00-533-4025 Avl RFQ
5887 clip return plate Eaton Aerospace Ltd 1650-00-101-7836 Avl RFQ
MC13830 guide linear valve Eaton Aerospace 1650-00-390-3993 Avl RFQ
06850-02831-106 outboard cabin Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 1650-01-667-2100 Avl RFQ
215493 plunger valve Hydro Aire Inc 1650-00-992-3732 Avl RFQ
2676806 parts kit reservoir Boeing Company The 1650-00-724-1290 Avl RFQ
RG415-3 cylinder assembly a Pneudraulics Inc 1650-01-573-1035 Avl RFQ
930374 insert splined serv Honeywell International Inc 1650-01-209-1483 Avl RFQ
6507621 selector set directional control linear valve General Motors Llc 1650-00-719-6447 Avl RFQ
BH35555 valve assy intern Goodrich Actuation Systems Ltd 1650-00-467-6492 Avl RFQ
683C46SP1 flange adjusting General Electric Inc 1650-00-992-9845 Avl RFQ
18600-2 valve linear direct Eaton Corporation 1650-00-014-1761 Avl RFQ
36084 cap valve E Systems Inc 1650-00-191-8719 Avl RFQ
86190 bracket hydraulic r Hydro Aire Inc 1650-00-321-6289 Avl RFQ
5900-107C servomechanism hydr Speco Inc 1650-00-187-0585 Avl RFQ
28000983 parts kit valve ove Woodward Hrt Inc 1650-00-134-1046 Avl RFQ
520019 disk valve Meggitt North Hollywood Inc 1650-01-629-3208 Avl RFQ
25-8PT33-255A valve assy vent Hawker Beechcraft 1650-01-648-6168 Avl RFQ
3803-2 seal carbon face co Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation 1650-00-288-5540 Avl RFQ
128HM10487-11 piston hydraulic fl Triumph Actuation Systems Llc 1650-00-116-1353 Avl RFQ

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