FSC 2915 Engine Fuel System Components Aircraft and Missile Prime Movers Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 2915 engine fuel system components aircraft and missile prime movers

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
1434-1064 bellows sensor asse Rolls Royce Controls And 2915-99-739-0987 Avl RFQ
869914-1 housing fuel pump Honeywell International Inc 2915-00-125-5471 Avl RFQ
406174 adjuster sleeve sea Woodward Machine Corporation 2915-00-906-0839 Avl RFQ
1321-526415M valve float aircraf Parker Hannifin Ltd 2915-00-294-1538 Avl RFQ
1061-28 lever special Rolls Royce Controls And 2915-00-170-9203 Avl RFQ
5003630G pump assembly main Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation 2915-01-151-0743 Avl RFQ
729385 support bearing Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation 2915-01-139-2269 Avl RFQ
3762 restrictor limiter Eaton Industrial Corporation 2915-00-831-5644 Avl RFQ
732994-2 lever and roller dr GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2915-01-094-8448 Avl RFQ
868479-1 adapter fuel contro Honeywell International Inc 2915-00-901-7180 Avl RFQ
3039-658 eccentric Woodward Machine Corporation 2915-01-182-7072 Avl RFQ
337799 sleeve assy Honeywell International Inc 2915-00-717-7986 Avl RFQ
SRCBZ1609P2 seal check valve fu Hutchinson Seal Corp 2915-00-933-8100 Avl RFQ
406389 guide fuel heater v Precision Speed Manufacturing Llc 2915-00-084-1350 Avl RFQ
260885 tablock fuel nozzle UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2915-00-508-6068 Avl RFQ
328144-78 bleed fuel pump Honeywell International Inc 2915-00-338-6479 Avl RFQ
6740305M5 nozzle primer Parker Hannifin Ltd 2915-01-093-5369 Avl RFQ
589024 housing pivot Union Machine Company Of Lynn Inc 2915-01-181-4218 Avl RFQ
589691 rod and yoke trans Ontic Engineering And Mfg Inc 2915-00-918-9784 Avl RFQ
589578-1 lever and nut droop Ontic Engineering And Mfg Inc 2915-00-728-0016 Avl RFQ
329099 screw afterburner f UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2915-00-632-0576 Avl RFQ
5040T87G01 valve temperature c GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2915-01-080-9735 Avl RFQ
20221-0114 probe density fuel Simmonds Precision Products Inc 2915-01-444-2822 Avl RFQ
216-2588 seal bonded Goodrich Control Systems Ltd 2915-00-453-3968 Avl RFQ
1431-573350-24 disk valve Parker Hannifin Ltd 2915-00-875-2068 Avl RFQ
1111-558442 valve swing check Parker Hannifin Ltd 2915-00-326-6597 Avl RFQ
1-300-349-02 nozzle fuel combust Honeywell International Inc 2915-00-019-5469 Avl RFQ
C4P1164-3 valve float aircraf BOMBARDIER AEROSPACE CORPORATION 2915-00-602-3653 Avl RFQ
590221-2 parts kit actuator Honeywell International Inc 2915-00-856-5342 Avl RFQ
9056-4647 filter element flui Fluid Conditioning Products Inc 2915-01-059-1009 Avl RFQ
440206 fuel control main turbine engine Honeywell International Inc 2915-00-177-6890 Avl RFQ
2640896 holder assy control Honeywell International Inc 2915-00-982-3905 Avl RFQ
13-457-66 cover assembly floa Parker Hannifin Ltd 2915-00-936-0271 Avl RFQ
3602310-7 fuel control main t Honeywell International Inc 2915-01-259-5707 Avl RFQ
0510KDC-01 control unit digita MEGGITT U K LTD 2915-99-915-1895 Avl RFQ
1783-4021 piston inner Rolls Royce Controls And 2915-99-306-3867 Avl RFQ
22673-38 tube assembly air Piper Aircraft Inc 2915-01-043-3268 Avl RFQ
542-0-06-19 cover transport Drs Environmental Systems Inc 2915-01-544-3073 Avl RFQ
1057-115 doby stud and dowel Goodrich Control Systems Ltd 2915-00-215-7305 Avl RFQ
306099CLA valve afterburner UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2915-00-594-5718 Avl RFQ
645729 poppet fuel valve Turbo Power And Marine System Inc 2915-00-124-3554 Avl RFQ
187290 lever fuel control Honeywell International Inc 2915-00-213-6735 Avl RFQ
520-253 pad bearing Goodrich Control Systems Ltd 2915-00-453-2777 Avl RFQ
3012T16G01 lever fuel control GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2915-00-480-8118 Avl RFQ
50509 pump fuel jet engine Goodrich Corp 2915-01-039-9982 Avl RFQ
365030 cover drain fuel du Age Logistics Corporation 2915-00-690-5173 Avl RFQ
2641419 switch assy pump Honeywell International Inc 2915-00-846-6452 Avl RFQ
1034833 case actuator Allied Signal Inc 2915-00-877-3727 Avl RFQ
FYLC9361C actuator electro me Ge Aviation Systems 2915-00-089-4045 Avl RFQ
364977 plate and pin assem Honeywell International Inc 2915-00-091-6769 Avl RFQ

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