FSC 2945 Engine Air and Oil Filters Cleaners Aircraft Prime Moving Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 2945 engine air and oil filters cleaners aircraft prime moving

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
200211-243 piston filter thrus Falls Filtration Technologies Inc 2945-00-753-1462 Avl RFQ
K874308-013 filter element flui Kaman Aerospace Corporation 2945-01-478-6184 Avl RFQ
02T858-64 parts kit oil filte Falls Filtration Technologies Inc 2945-00-717-5424 Avl RFQ
AA8636-1D231 plate particle sepa Pall Aeropower Corp 2945-00-070-1293 Avl RFQ
6892090 filter element flui ROLLS ROYCE INC 2945-00-689-1057 Avl RFQ
1C5039P3 box assembly oil fi GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2945-01-008-9538 Avl RFQ
RD37163 filter element flui CRANECO LLC 2945-01-321-5058 Avl RFQ
977392-5 filter element flui Honeywell International Inc 2945-01-356-1557 Avl RFQ
AC3088-12D111 retainer Pall Aeropower Corp 2945-00-476-0170 Avl RFQ
3001T88P01 filter element flui GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2945-00-724-0655 Avl RFQ
784783-3 air cleaner intake GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 2945-01-520-3684 Avl RFQ
2H907 filter fluid Eaton Aerospace Ltd 2945-01-330-4393 Avl RFQ
AEA24914KT3D41 link cross shaft Pall Aeropower Corp 2945-01-518-3639 Avl RFQ
7601261 air cleaner intake Mag Aerospace Industries Inc 2945-01-659-9978 Avl RFQ
AC9824F30 filter element flui Pall Aeropower Corp 2945-00-371-5886 Avl RFQ
1-010-500-06 particle separator Honeywell International Inc 2945-00-930-6608 Avl RFQ
03T200KD repair kit filter o Falls Filtration Technologies Inc 2945-00-571-0531 Avl RFQ
LH30122-07 separator particle Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Co 2945-01-640-8701 Avl RFQ
AC-A721HP-3Y1 head fluid filter Pall Aeropower Corp 2945-01-109-7176 Avl RFQ
211-326 filter assembly air Donaldson Company Inc 2945-00-784-4208 Avl RFQ
203901 parts kit oil filte Falls Filtration Technologies Inc 2945-01-027-8384 Avl RFQ
P167590 filter element flui Donaldson Company Inc 2945-01-601-4215 Avl RFQ
ADA24913KT4D807 slide block Pall Aeropower Corp 2945-01-521-8315 Avl RFQ
467009 strainer assy eng Alliant Techsystems Inc 2945-00-411-7963 Avl RFQ
TD 314UL091 indicator filter wa Pall Aeropower Corp 2945-01-325-8551 Avl RFQ
510370 trainerxelement sl Accurate Threaded Products Company 2945-00-915-9514 Avl RFQ
1603942-16 filter element inta Carleton Life Support Technologies 2945-01-613-0322 Avl RFQ
C301167D109 separator particle Pall Aeropower Corp 2945-01-562-6827 Avl RFQ
901-045-264-101 bowl assy Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 2945-01-471-8661 Avl RFQ
901-346-551-101 filter element flui Bell Helicopter Textron Inc 2945-01-444-3298 Avl RFQ
1731034 element Bendix Corp 2945-00-858-0518 Avl RFQ
364312-10 filtering disk flui HYDRO AIRE INC 2945-00-524-5143 Avl RFQ
569964-1 air filter Raytheon Company 2945-01-106-2857 Avl RFQ
300748 strainer assembly o Royal Oak Gage Inc 2945-00-560-2944 Avl RFQ
7700 filter element flui Dyna Empire Inc 2945-01-619-1689 Avl RFQ
13000930 air cleaner intake Coltec Industries Inc 2945-01-527-5239 Avl RFQ
249987A1 filter element inta Cnh Industrial America Llc 2945-01-489-0567 Avl RFQ
716152 cover and indicator Turbo Power And Marine System Inc 2945-01-003-0929 Avl RFQ
CM62RT2K10LPPY2 filter Columbia Machine Inc 2945-01-134-7372 Avl RFQ
R9W1322 filter fluid Falls Filtration Technologies Inc 2945-00-413-1261 Avl RFQ
7580538 filter element flui Pti Technologies Inc 2945-01-099-8550 Avl RFQ
400490 liner oil pressure UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 2945-00-785-5938 Avl RFQ
47-612-156-17 adapter assy oil su Textron Systems Corporation 2945-00-593-3364 Avl RFQ
40-3720-12380-032 filter element flui Purolator Facet Inc 2945-01-066-0898 Avl RFQ
23055645 filter fluid ROLLS ROYCE INC 2945-01-423-5864 Avl RFQ
98-160 eaps lifting device Dyncorp International Llc 2945-01-488-6009 Avl RFQ
3201-16267-20-1 head fluid filter Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation 2945-01-287-2045 Avl RFQ
AC2150E8 filter element flui Pall Aeropower Corp 2945-00-684-6023 Avl RFQ
02T640-64 parts kit filter as Falls Filtration Technologies Inc 2945-00-717-5427 Avl RFQ
1C401-33 filter element flui COMPOSITE ENGINEERING INC 2945-01-544-1729 Avl RFQ

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