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FSC 5945 Relays and Solenoids Catalog

FSC 5945 Relays and Solenoids is assigned to the parts listed below. Browse our database for top part numbers including K4001-1 Relay Assembly - 5945-01-240-6330, RA31232052 Relay Reed - 5945-01-275-0744, YC-D4A-300M Relay Electromagnet - 5945-01-340-9893, 41R02500FKBSL Relay Electromagnet - 5945-00-226-4205, 518APH-24-D8 Relay Thermal - 5945-01-551-8646 .

One Click Purchasing, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, is an industry-leading supplier of Dynalec Corporation, Elec Trol Inc, Leach International Corporation, Sigma Instruments Inc, Enovation Controls Ltd new and obsolete parts. Our unmatched supply-chain network and inventory of over 3 billion parts and components allows us to ensure the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

A Federal Supply Class (FSC) is a numeric identification number assigned to components by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) via the NSN. The FSC makes up the second 2-digits of the NSN and determines the subclass an item belongs to within its assigned Federal Supply Group(FSG). Need a quote for your required part from FSC 5945 Relays and Solenoids? Simply complete an instant RFQ form to get started.

Part Number List for FSC 5945 relays and solenoids

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
K4001-1 relay assembly Dynalec Corporation 5945-01-240-6330 Avl RFQ
RA31232052 relay reed Elec Trol Inc 5945-01-275-0744 Avl RFQ
YC-D4A-300M relay electromagnet Leach International Corporation 5945-01-340-9893 Avl RFQ
41R02500FKBSL relay electromagnet Sigma Instruments Inc 5945-00-226-4205 Avl RFQ
518APH-24-D8 relay thermal Enovation Controls Ltd 5945-01-551-8646 Avl RFQ
13216E6184 relay electromagnet Cecom Lr Center 5945-00-482-5770 Avl RFQ
2549178 relay reed Navair And Navsea Managed 5945-00-131-6649 Avl RFQ
FCB-210-186 relay electromagnet Struthers Dunn Llc 5945-01-311-4650 Avl RFQ
500-T0D93 relay electromagnet Rockwell Automation Ltd 5945-01-297-2231 Avl RFQ
7790 solenoid electrical Worcester Controls Corp 5945-01-256-2882 Avl RFQ
9201-05-20 relay reed Coto Technology 5945-01-535-1645 Avl RFQ
3SAF1139 relay electromagnet Genicom Llc 5945-00-237-1169 Avl RFQ
112-0779G1-RPO solenoid electrical Gendex Inc 5945-01-508-6571 Avl RFQ
SK5169 relay electromagnet C P Clare Corp 5945-00-549-4442 Avl RFQ
6041H105 relay electromagnet Eaton Corporation 5945-00-258-2779 Avl RFQ
44B350651-003 relay electrical Genicom Llc 5945-00-932-9071 Avl RFQ
AZ1630-10-1 relay electromagnet American Zettler 5945-01-093-8386 Avl RFQ
8501C01-230V relay electromagnet Schneider Electric Usa Inc 5945-00-688-7200 Avl RFQ
106.454-1 relay thermal Ward Leonard Electric Company Inc 5945-01-192-7711 Avl RFQ
86400306 solenoid electrical Montabert Gmbh 5945-01-491-3411 Avl RFQ
350A077H03 relay electromagnet Snyder General Corp 5945-00-621-8168 Avl RFQ
AR-ARB6H relay electromagnet Eaton Corporation 5945-01-203-6000 Avl RFQ
9660-041-172 relay electromagnet Sensata Technologies Inc 5945-00-929-3984 Avl RFQ
1P135-105 solenoid assembly Composite Engineering Inc 5945-01-544-2466 Avl RFQ
RP9002G110 relay electromagnet Tyco Electronics Corporation 5945-00-958-3240 Avl RFQ
70-0505-1 chopper electronic Lct Electronics 5945-00-435-2486 Avl RFQ
5228ALT3PC2SYMB0L1A contactor Eaton Corporation 5945-00-369-0422 Avl RFQ
D7039-33 relay electromagnet Hannon Company The 5945-01-052-7358 Avl RFQ
974-0781-00 relay electromagnet Rockwell Collins Inc 5945-00-086-8782 Avl RFQ
1116949 relay General Motors Llc 5945-00-064-7755 Avl RFQ
29-386197C1F4J1 flasher thermal Navistar Intl Corp 5945-01-053-6376 Avl RFQ
6223-56 relay assembly Air Dry Co Of America Llc 5945-01-305-2373 Avl RFQ
RH80-115VNC52SEC relay thermal Spx Corp 5945-00-685-9089 Avl RFQ
WH12X468 armature relay Communications Instruments Inc 5945-01-018-1648 Avl RFQ
ADV-852D ITEM 8 solenoid assembly Magnatrol Valve Corporation 5945-01-508-3383 Avl RFQ
LT2111 relay thermal Spx Corp 5945-00-710-7655 Avl RFQ
R4029-3 relay reed Elec Trol Inc 5945-00-217-3570 Avl RFQ
R0016014RB relay electromagnet Prestolite Electric Inc 5945-01-383-5781 Avl RFQ
VS26WDK12SA relay electromagnet Dri Relays Inc 5945-00-465-9952 Avl RFQ
5945009228056 solenoid electrical E C A Etablissement Central 5945-00-922-8056 Avl RFQ
R020N0230V20SEC relay thermal Spx Corp 5945-00-088-3470 Avl RFQ
G659031 relay electromagnetic Tyco Electronics Agastat Relays 5945-00-109-9812 Avl RFQ
MJN3CF-AC24 relay electromagnet Omron Electronics Ltd 5945-01-150-4561 Avl RFQ
23KMXCC93804 relay electromagnet Sigma Instruments Inc 5945-00-722-7867 Avl RFQ
AV-71-749-13 coil assembly Automatic Switch Company 5945-00-800-1409 Avl RFQ
GA00430 ITEM 17 REV 6 relay hybrid Controlled Systems Sales Company 5945-01-609-3701 Avl RFQ
N296PC223 relay electromagnet Ingersoll Rand Inc 5945-00-343-6388 Avl RFQ
HB2-DC5V relay armature Matsushita Electric Corp 5945-01-138-4556 Avl RFQ
776240-03 relay electromagnet National Instruments Ltd 5945-01-458-5381 Avl RFQ
AF30RELAY relay electromagnet American Telephone And Telegraph Co 5945-00-557-2021 Avl RFQ

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