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FSC 5945 Relays and Solenoids Catalog

FSC 5945 Relays and Solenoids is assigned to the parts listed below. Browse our database for top part numbers including 25-1661-4501 Relay Meter Movemen - 5945-00-066-2547, 9877 Solenoid Electrical - 5945-01-133-1748, R115A1T1C Relay Electromagnet - 5945-00-502-2575, SP1283-1 Relay Electromagnet - 5945-00-577-2928, G8P-1C2T-F-24VDC Relay Electromagnet - 5945-01-574-2175 .

One Click Purchasing, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, is an industry-leading supplier of Lfe Instruments, Centroid Inc, Se Relays Llc Magnecraft, Tyco Electronics Corporation, Omron Electronics Ltd new and obsolete parts. Our unmatched supply-chain network and inventory of over 3 billion parts and components allows us to ensure the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

A Federal Supply Class (FSC) is a numeric identification number assigned to components by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) via the NSN. The FSC makes up the second 2-digits of the NSN and determines the subclass an item belongs to within its assigned Federal Supply Group(FSG). Need a quote for your required part from FSC 5945 Relays and Solenoids? Simply complete an instant RFQ form to get started.

Part Number List for FSC 5945 relays and solenoids

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
25-1661-4501 relay meter movemen Lfe Instruments 5945-00-066-2547 Avl RFQ
9877 solenoid electrical Centroid Inc 5945-01-133-1748 Avl RFQ
R115A1T1C relay electromagnet Se Relays Llc Magnecraft 5945-00-502-2575 Avl RFQ
SP1283-1 relay electromagnet Tyco Electronics Corporation 5945-00-577-2928 Avl RFQ
G8P-1C2T-F-24VDC relay electromagnet Omron Electronics Ltd 5945-01-574-2175 Avl RFQ
403-8801 relay electromagnet Paaesikunta Logistiikkaosasto 5945-00-234-0564 Avl RFQ
X916741-1 relay electromagnet San Antonio Air Logistics Center 5945-01-255-3896 Avl RFQ
P0HX-1 relay electromagnet Allied Controls Inc 5945-00-189-3070 Avl RFQ
1820 relay electromagnet North American Philips Corp 5945-00-257-6941 Avl RFQ
914122381-009 relay electromagnet Cubic Simulation Systems Inc 5945-01-303-8035 Avl RFQ
5424-55 relay electromagnet Airpax Corp 5945-00-837-5583 Avl RFQ
101849001 solenoid electrical Ge Aviation Systems 5945-01-177-2366 Avl RFQ
SA-2A relay electromagnet Vishay Dale Electronics Inc 5945-00-626-7657 Avl RFQ
974-0773-000 relay electromagnet Rockwell Collins Inc 5945-00-971-2207 Avl RFQ
3111H-112-1501 relay electromagnet Dri Relays Inc 5945-01-069-9469 Avl RFQ
D10155 relay electromagnet Tyco Electronics Corporation 5945-00-257-9982 Avl RFQ
PRB1003 relay electromagnet C P Clare Corp 5945-00-156-0041 Avl RFQ
1004X relay electromagnet Tyco Electronics Corporation 5945-01-293-3976 Avl RFQ
2107-4 relay electromagnet North American Philips Corp 5945-00-549-3173 Avl RFQ
1270042-2 relay electromagnet L3 Communications Corp 5945-00-058-5858 Avl RFQ
432T-26 relay electromagnet Teledyne Industries Inc 5945-00-497-0875 Avl RFQ
PTC111963-02 solenoid electrical Getronics Government Solutions Llc 5945-01-381-9259 Avl RFQ
G5A-234P-DC12 relay electromagnet Omron Electronics Ltd 5945-01-431-3722 Avl RFQ
283542-0004 ITEM NO 12 plunger solenoid Marotta Controls Inc 5945-01-559-4505 Avl RFQ
471033000 relay electromagnet Boonton Electronics Corporation 5945-01-330-7549 Avl RFQ
AR62-007 relay electromagnet Jaidinger Mfg Co Inc 5945-00-019-2090 Avl RFQ
5397-47HS relay electromagnet Tyco Electronics Corporation 5945-00-947-0361 Avl RFQ
A065367 plunger solenoid Sasco Inc 5945-00-448-7765 Avl RFQ
V26WDK12 relay electromagnet Dri Relays Inc 5945-00-682-8278 Avl RFQ
632382-1 relay electromagnet Honeywell Inc 5945-00-088-3401 Avl RFQ
FC1-540 relay electromagnet Struthers Dunn Llc 5945-01-207-8886 Avl RFQ
603-2823 relay solid state Teledyne Technologies Incorporated 5945-01-123-1355 Avl RFQ
3-274 relay solid state Automation Products Group Inc 5945-01-394-9476 Avl RFQ
121K6000 solenoid electrical Xerox Corporation 5945-01-462-9551 Avl RFQ
3580921 relay assembly Pitney Bowes Inc 5945-00-923-7455 Avl RFQ
21-331 relay solid state Tyco Electronics Corporation 5945-01-085-3176 Avl RFQ
17283 relay electromagnet Sensata Technologies Inc 5945-00-631-6895 Avl RFQ
A5-30 relay overload ther Schneider Electric Usa Inc 5945-01-083-9701 Avl RFQ
200-00104 relay meter movemen Communications And Power Industries 5945-01-231-9263 Avl RFQ
2-39-002 relay electromagnetic Striegel Supply Inc 5945-00-318-3124 Avl RFQ
BOT-6D-77VDC relay electromagnet Allied Controls Inc 5945-01-016-9267 Avl RFQ
HS245WDK18A relay electromagnet Dri Relays Inc 5945-00-821-2979 Avl RFQ
23609 relay electromagnet Basler Electric Company 5945-01-422-6548 Avl RFQ
92500 relay electromagnet Tempo Instrument Inc 5945-00-768-2496 Avl RFQ
A-21-3 solenoid electrical West Coast Electrical Mfg Co 5945-01-175-9811 Avl RFQ
3SAF1207 relay electromagnet Genicom Llc 5945-00-821-2983 Avl RFQ
ST5M1272-006 retainer electrical Struthers Dunn Llc 5945-00-495-7350 Avl RFQ
412-18W relay electromagnet Teledyne Reynolds Inc 5945-01-117-2546 Avl RFQ
6957ED18-2Q relay electromagnet Drs Power And Control Technologies 5945-01-157-4491 Avl RFQ
CR2791G121A10 relay electromagnet General Electric Inc 5945-00-500-5171 Avl RFQ

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