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FSC 5990 Synchros and Resolvers Catalog

FSC 5990 Synchros and Resolvers is assigned to the parts listed below. Browse our database for top part numbers including 503841 Synchro Receiver - 5990-00-519-8217, 5HGMK6M0D4A Synchro Transmitter - 5990-00-503-2840, 785672-4 Synchro Receiver - 5990-00-604-3023, VTRX31-6A1 Synchro Receiver - 5990-01-348-9813, 1482770-2 Synchro - 5990-00-791-4064 .

One Click Purchasing, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, is an industry-leading supplier of Instruments And Flight Research Inc, Honeywell International Inc, Honeywell International Inc, General Dynamics Global Imaging, Honeywell International Inc new and obsolete parts. Our unmatched supply-chain network and inventory of over 3 billion parts and components allows us to ensure the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

A Federal Supply Class (FSC) is a numeric identification number assigned to components by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) via the NSN. The FSC makes up the second 2-digits of the NSN and determines the subclass an item belongs to within its assigned Federal Supply Group(FSG). Need a quote for your required part from FSC 5990 Synchros and Resolvers? Simply complete an instant RFQ form to get started.

Part Number List for FSC 5990 synchros and resolvers

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
503841 synchro receiver Instruments And Flight Research Inc 5990-00-519-8217 Avl RFQ
5HGMK6M0D4A synchro transmitter Honeywell International Inc 5990-00-503-2840 Avl RFQ
785672-4 synchro receiver Honeywell International Inc 5990-00-604-3023 Avl RFQ
VTRX31-6A1 synchro receiver General Dynamics Global Imaging 5990-01-348-9813 Avl RFQ
1482770-2 synchro Honeywell International Inc 5990-00-791-4064 Avl RFQ
10TV-0123-D resolver electrical Cda Intercorp Llc 5990-00-659-8067 Avl RFQ
AY607VE43A2 synchro receiver Honeywell Intl Inc 5990-00-855-6535 Avl RFQ
0886156-0001 synchro assembly Raytheon Company 5990-01-297-9967 Avl RFQ
AY231S25 synchro differentia Honeywell Intl Inc 5990-00-033-5155 Avl RFQ
55445 synchro transmitter Gems Sensors Inc 5990-01-237-7188 Avl RFQ
3R982-004 resolver electrical Kearfott Corporation 5990-00-069-2221 Avl RFQ
X900183-3 resolver and gear s General Dynamics Corporation 5990-00-874-3007 Avl RFQ
21-36954-1 resolver electrical Pickard And Burns Inc 5990-00-065-9154 Avl RFQ
VS161-1A indicator blank sca General Dynamics Global Imaging 5990-01-056-6413 Avl RFQ
610528-1 synchro control tra Honeywell Inc 5990-00-916-7080 Avl RFQ
CTC15DS10 synchro control tra Moog Inc 5990-00-854-7990 Avl RFQ
CR40980056 resolver electrical Kearfott Corporation 5990-01-021-7303 Avl RFQ
255711 synchro control tra Raytheon Company 5990-00-503-0594 Avl RFQ
10-1632 TYPE E subassembly synchro L3 Communications Corp 5990-01-268-6767 Avl RFQ
T08-RQR-09 L457 synchro control tra Moog Inc 5990-00-945-1767 Avl RFQ
6800483 receptical assy spe Rolls Royce Inc 5990-01-617-5156 Avl RFQ
58-11204-102 encoder shaft angle Wintec Llc 5990-01-072-6074 Avl RFQ
SSJH-46-C-1 resolver electrical Moog Inc 5990-01-292-2369 Avl RFQ
BQC-11-DF-9 B709 resolver electrical Moog Inc 5990-00-366-0112 Avl RFQ
A109ALT1 synchro transmitter Hamilton Standard Electronics 5990-00-503-0598 Avl RFQ
352239 synchro transmitter Raytheon Technical Services Company 5990-00-865-8002 Avl RFQ
229-6015-00 synchro differentia Rockwell Collins Inc 5990-00-923-3837 Avl RFQ
10243441 synchro assembly General Dynamics Global Imaging 5990-00-689-2949 Avl RFQ
EDSC-H-1 converter synchro Data Device Corporation 5990-01-067-6015 Avl RFQ
10RX-0315-AZ resolver electrical Cda Intercorp Llc 5990-00-951-2482 Avl RFQ
3911-55019-40-1 resolver and gearbo Astrium Gmbh 5990-99-573-5095 Avl RFQ
AY201S1B synchro transmitter Honeywell Intl Inc 5990-00-504-6032 Avl RFQ
15CT-0112-E synchro control tra Cda Intercorp Llc 5990-00-267-9956 Avl RFQ
34032206-001 resolver electrical Honeywell International Inc 5990-01-074-5562 Avl RFQ
5MJ254A995 synchro transmitter General Electric Inc 5990-00-678-3351 Avl RFQ
165B-00-03-86 resolver electrical British Sarozal Ltd 5990-00-987-9160 Avl RFQ
5M1899-002 resolver electrical Boeing Company The 5990-01-184-6830 Avl RFQ
715916PC1 resolver electrical Navair And Navsea Managed 5990-00-504-8200 Avl RFQ
VCX31-6N1 synchro transmitter General Dynamics Global Imaging 5990-01-030-5206 Avl RFQ
MRE40 encoder shaft angle to digital Anritsu Ltd 5990-01-307-7260 Avl RFQ
SGH20A2 synchro transmitter Moog Inc 5990-01-327-1558 Avl RFQ
948568 synchro receiver Navair And Navsea Managed 5990-00-636-4108 Avl RFQ
CS10CCS3A540 resolver electrical Moog Inc 5990-01-264-9759 Avl RFQ
AY201S3B5 synchro transmitter Honeywell International Inc 5990-00-538-3804 Avl RFQ
54230076 synchro transmitter Aeronautical Instrument And Radio 5990-00-900-4122 Avl RFQ
61KS32 encoder shaft angle Grayhill Inc 5990-01-530-8452 Avl RFQ
725848-1 resolver electrical Raytheon Company 5990-00-146-3532 Avl RFQ
1210653-5 housing transmitter Honeywell International Inc 5990-01-376-0405 Avl RFQ
21BRCX-310-H-7 adapter synchro Api Harowe Inc 5990-01-360-0415 Avl RFQ
CM41004041 synchro control tra Kearfott Corporation 5990-00-497-9234 Avl RFQ

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