FSC 5990 Synchros and Resolvers Catalog

We provides complete database of FSC, browse H25D-SS-2500-P4C-8830-LED-S-M16S Encoder Shaft Angle - 5990-01-361-6424, SGH-45-A-1 Synchro Receiver Tr - 5990-01-498-0616, 393425 Synchro Control Transformer - 5990-00-227-5122, 717904-1 Resolver Electrical - 5990-00-824-0773, 549214 Synchro Linear Tran - 5990-00-064-3494 online under Federal Supply Class 5990 Synchros and Resolvers database. Here is a complete list of leading manufacturers of 5990 Synchros and Resolvers. Quote us by selecting your required part number from the part number list.

Part Number List for FSC 5990 synchros and resolvers

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
H25D-SS-2500-P4C-8830-LED-S-M16S encoder shaft angle Bei Motion Systems Co Inc 5990-01-361-6424 Avl RFQ
SGH-45-A-1 synchro receiver tr Moog Inc 5990-01-498-0616 Avl RFQ
393425 synchro control transformer Raytheon Technical Services Company 5990-00-227-5122 Avl RFQ
717904-1 resolver electrical Drs Sustainment Systems Inc 5990-00-824-0773 Avl RFQ
549214 synchro linear tran Raytheon Technical Services Company 5990-00-064-3494 Avl RFQ
13541945-2 resolver electrical Eaton Corporation 5990-01-621-1762 Avl RFQ
ZC1-A synchro control tra Cda Intercorp Llc 5990-01-262-3617 Avl RFQ
786578 synchro receiver Navair And Navsea Managed 5990-00-504-7784 Avl RFQ
145-1036 cover protective Esystems Inc 5990-00-717-2536 Avl RFQ
AY202S25B synchro transmitter Honeywell International Inc 5990-00-553-4413 Avl RFQ
18-1719-01 synchro transmitter Honeywell International Inc 5990-00-428-1895 Avl RFQ
5190195 resolver assembly Raytheon Company 5990-01-201-0918 Avl RFQ
2G4009-8 synchro receiver Moog Inc 5990-00-351-5479 Avl RFQ
61400006 synchro transmitter Moog Inc 5990-00-402-5616 Avl RFQ
R1011-1A synchro transmitter Kearfott Corporation 5990-00-578-7452 Avl RFQ
AY201S3B1 synchro transmitter Honeywell International Inc 5990-00-802-9440 Avl RFQ
867-013-001 synchro receiver Parker Hannifin Ltd 5990-01-339-5118 Avl RFQ
900-083-0013 synchro control transformer Moog Inc 5990-00-253-4221 Avl RFQ
AY231S25B1 synchro differentia Honeywell International Inc 5990-00-946-0919 Avl RFQ
7-617221350-003 resolver electrical Boeing Company The 5990-01-619-6446 Avl RFQ
438538-1 synchro transmitter Honeywell International Inc 5990-00-683-0530 Avl RFQ
S254N101-6 resolver electrical The Boeing Company 5990-01-579-2327 Avl RFQ
U-219836 resolver electrical Transicoil Llc 5990-01-041-4351 Avl RFQ
U-219626 synchro control tra Transicoil Llc 5990-00-837-7240 Avl RFQ
184-826 plate synchro Cmc Electronics Ltd 5990-00-987-4219 Avl RFQ
G08LA7L828 synchro transmitter Litton Precision Products Inc 5990-00-483-0486 Avl RFQ
SK39753 synchro transmitter Navair And Navsea Managed 5990-00-636-4152 Avl RFQ
810002-001 autosyn special Saga Engineering Corp 5990-01-099-8574 Avl RFQ
C740931019 resolver electrical Kearfott Corporation 5990-00-683-0531 Avl RFQ
U-219434 synchro receiver Transicoil Llc 5990-00-625-2560 Avl RFQ
435-1-103 synchro control tra Moog Inc 5990-00-979-9258 Avl RFQ
RS911-68 synchro transmitter Kearfott Corporation 5990-00-813-4124 Avl RFQ
CWH10MS3A151 resolver electrical Moog Inc 5990-00-976-9496 Avl RFQ
T08 RTF 09 L459 synchro control tra Moog Inc 5990-00-734-7285 Avl RFQ
M20708-80-01C synchro differentia Society Of Automotive Engineers Inc 5990-00-977-8096 Avl RFQ
11-212010 synchro control tra Transicoil Llc 5990-00-061-9041 Avl RFQ
CSH15D04A003 resolver electrical Moog Inc 5990-00-929-7903 Avl RFQ
23TRX1291 synchro receiver tr Ametek Technical And Industrial 5990-01-331-7071 Avl RFQ
73100088-1 synchro transmitter Electrodynamics Inc 5990-00-180-3289 Avl RFQ
AY201S-4B2 synchro receiver Honeywell International Inc 5990-01-247-7411 Avl RFQ
S9301-1 synchro transmitter Simmonds Precision Products Inc 5990-00-419-0236 Avl RFQ
TGC11F40 synchro transmitter Moog Inc 5990-00-443-8269 Avl RFQ
6013-307 resolver electrical Instrument Systems Corp 5990-00-928-5654 Avl RFQ
CU06360021 synchro transmitter Kearfott Corporation 5990-00-889-6958 Avl RFQ
15-030A synchro transmitter L3 Communications Corp 5990-00-501-4994 Avl RFQ
107633-1 cover synchro recei Kearfott Corporation 5990-00-656-5798 Avl RFQ
3162694 resolver electrical Navair And Navsea Managed 5990-01-015-7502 Avl RFQ
008-918-1 synchro assembly Imc Magnetics Corp 5990-00-869-2122 Avl RFQ
4123-01 synchro transmitter Moog Inc 5990-00-945-7546 Avl RFQ
54230029 resolver electrical Aeronautical Instrument And Radio 5990-00-900-4139 Avl RFQ

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