FSC 6240 Electric Lamps Catalog

We provides complete database of FSC, browse 370069 Lamp Incandescent - 6240-00-155-7790, 683-001 Lamp Incandescent - 6240-01-454-8439, 40S11N Lamp Incandescent - 6240-00-249-6061, 7657-53-6 Lamp Incandescent - 6240-00-143-3042, 2V632 Lamp Sodium - 6240-01-527-3439 online under Federal Supply Class 6240 Electric Lamps database. Here is a complete list of leading manufacturers of 6240 Electric Lamps. Quote us by selecting your required part number from the part number list.

Part Number List for FSC 6240 electric lamps

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
370069 lamp incandescent Nacco Materials Handling Group Inc 6240-00-155-7790 Avl RFQ
683-001 lamp incandescent Jkl Components Corporation 6240-01-454-8439 Avl RFQ
40S11N lamp incandescent Wesco Distribution Inc 6240-00-249-6061 Avl RFQ
7657-53-6 lamp incandescent Consolidated International Corp 6240-00-143-3042 Avl RFQ
2V632 lamp sodium W W Grainger Inc 6240-01-527-3439 Avl RFQ
10S14-120 lamp incandescent Marvel Lamp Co Inc 6240-00-186-3260 Avl RFQ
2391023 lamp cartridge International Business Machines Corp 6240-01-012-3976 Avl RFQ
PL7945 lamp incandescent Precision Lamp Inc 6240-00-497-2176 Avl RFQ
27-23025-001 lens Swearingen Aviation Corp 6240-01-038-0821 Avl RFQ
150R SP 120WM 130V lamp incandescent General Electric Inc 6240-01-344-5060 Avl RFQ
4419 lamp incandescent Balkamp Inc 6240-01-252-9374 Avl RFQ
321075-015 lamp incandescent Electro Mech Components Inc 6240-01-028-0341 Avl RFQ
6S6DC120V lamp incandescent Westinghouse Electric Corp 6240-00-143-3060 Avl RFQ
NE51HB2A lamp glow Dialight Corporation 6240-00-682-3411 Avl RFQ
956C772-9 lamp incandescent Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation 6240-00-155-8707 Avl RFQ
A-A-1862 lamp fluorescent Federal Commercial Item Description 6240-01-074-9407 Avl RFQ
F7TT 35K lamp fluorescent Osram Ltd 6240-01-352-0433 Avl RFQ
4905823 lamp incandescent Kalmar Ac Inc 6240-00-889-1799 Avl RFQ
5M802 lamp glow Boeing Company The 6240-00-682-3411 Avl RFQ
CH12WD lamp mercury vapor General Dynamics Corporation 6240-00-617-1705 Avl RFQ
150PS25-99-250V lamp incandescent Philips Electronics North American 6240-00-945-6106 Avl RFQ
8289A lamp incandescent Soderberg Mfg Co Inc 6240-00-617-0578 Avl RFQ
40G16-1-2-3DC lamp incandescent General Electric Inc 6240-00-725-7960 Avl RFQ
620-1389 lamp incandescent John Bean Technologies Corporation 6240-01-607-6152 Avl RFQ
21261 lamp incandescent Fibrebond Corporation 6240-01-448-6331 Avl RFQ
900-110X-081AN lamp cartridge Littelfuse Inc 6240-00-001-1521 Avl RFQ
507-3915-1431-600 lamp cartridge Dialight Corporation 6240-00-937-5887 Avl RFQ
MS400 3K BU-ONLY lamp metal halide Gte Products Corp 6240-01-344-6992 Avl RFQ
52115724 lamp fusing Ricoh Americas Corporation 6240-01-325-0530 Avl RFQ
8GA 003 048-28 lamp incandescent Goodrich Lighting Systems Inc 6240-00-044-6914 Avl RFQ
3331342-1 lamp incandescent Rca Corp 6240-00-168-0411 Avl RFQ
LA650 lamp incandescent Electro Switch Corp 6240-00-962-0525 Avl RFQ
78-8005-5257-8 lamp incandescent Decisionone Corporation 6240-01-118-2560 Avl RFQ
456602 lamp incandescent General Electric Inc 6240-00-155-8726 Avl RFQ
4860A lamp incandescent General Electric Inc 6240-00-696-0249 Avl RFQ
AS90140 lamp incandescent Raymarine Inc 6240-01-344-5308 Avl RFQ
1212716-0-0 lamp incandescent Compaq Federal Llc 6240-01-047-4085 Avl RFQ
4157NAK lamp incandescent Eiko Ltd 6240-01-569-0343 Avl RFQ
1000 230 250V lamp incandescent Lamp Industry 6240-00-255-6974 Avl RFQ
36184500 lamp incandescent General Dynamics Information Systems 6240-01-139-9768 Avl RFQ
LTX268 lamp incandescent Lamptronix Co Ltd 6240-00-916-1639 Avl RFQ
00106-0086 lamp incandescent Science Applications Intl Inc 6240-00-500-4404 Avl RFQ
P-543746 lamp base Raytheon Technical Services Company 6240-01-187-0049 Avl RFQ
240A19P24 lamp incandescent General Electric Inc 6240-00-143-7480 Avl RFQ
12997 lamp incandescent Osram Sylvania Inc 6240-01-598-3097 Avl RFQ
1302 lamp incandescent Communication Systems Inc 6240-00-901-1082 Avl RFQ
8440A350AS lamp incandescent Federal Signal Corporation 6240-01-285-0187 Avl RFQ
GE 2233 lamp incandescent General Electric Inc 6240-01-512-7021 Avl RFQ
10-1577-1 lamp assembly Grimes Aerospace Company 6240-01-479-9333 Avl RFQ
CM-1819 lamp incandescent Chicago Miniature Lighting Llc 6240-00-155-8707 Avl RFQ

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