FSC 6240 Electric Lamps Catalog

Part Number List for FSC 6240 electric lamps

Part No Item Name Manufacturer NSN QTY RFQ
20T6 1-2IF lamp incandescent Lamp Industry 6240-00-255-2041 Avl RFQ
10S6/10-250V lamp incandescent Gte Products Corp 6240-00-151-4914 Avl RFQ
160-00-00-01 lamp fluorescent Litton Systems Inc 6240-00-151-7640 Avl RFQ
363-8341 lamp glow Clary Corporation 6240-01-516-6243 Avl RFQ
C78-380 lamp mercury vapor American National Standards 6240-00-617-1705 Avl RFQ
1895 lamp incandescent Philips Electronics North American 6240-00-946-9654 Avl RFQ
L-3883 lamp flashtube Excelitas Technologies Corp 6240-01-081-4122 Avl RFQ
C78.1-1978 lamp fluorescent American National Standards 6240-00-072-9950 Avl RFQ
AL-1235-T-490 lamp fluorescent Aerospace Lighting Corporation 6240-01-509-8783 Avl RFQ
200PS30-12-130V lamp incandescent Lamp Industry 6240-00-519-1627 Avl RFQ
CD93-GCS-120VAC lamp light emitting diode Eldema Products 6240-01-667-2463 Avl RFQ
367-055-567 lamp cartridge Interstate Electronics Corporation 6240-00-844-9377 Avl RFQ
1309 lamp incandescent GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 6240-00-060-4707 Avl RFQ
NE2U lamp glow Mpd Inc 6240-00-081-6889 Avl RFQ
274047 lamp incandescent GENERAL MOTORS LLC 6240-00-155-8675 Avl RFQ
381A70 lamp glow GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 6240-00-916-2693 Avl RFQ
367-010-900 lamp incandescent Interstate Electronics Corporation 6240-00-491-0402 Avl RFQ
175-7307 lamp incandescent Inter Market Inc 6240-00-401-9868 Avl RFQ
2140-0254 lamp fluorescent KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES INC 6240-00-224-1880 Avl RFQ
656DC24V lamp incandescent BOSCH REXROTH LTD 6240-00-553-1038 Avl RFQ
NE5111 lamp glow Chicago Miniature Lighting Llc 6240-00-682-3411 Avl RFQ
7132 lamp incandescent Chicago Miniature Lighting Llc 6240-00-145-1536 Avl RFQ
24MB lamp incandescent Shelly Associates Inc 6240-00-001-9405 Avl RFQ
2140-0356 lamp incandescent KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES INC 6240-00-948-1108 Avl RFQ
1630 lamp incandescent GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 6240-00-669-6516 Avl RFQ
900-152T-042RN lamp cartridge Littelfuse Inc 6240-00-228-1931 Avl RFQ
PL325 lamp incandescent Precision Lamp Inc 6240-00-635-9800 Avl RFQ
9694 lamp assembly Ocem Acquisition Corp 6240-01-552-3956 Avl RFQ
0928348-2 lamp incandescent Allis Chalmers Corp 6240-00-889-1799 Avl RFQ
142303 lamp incandescent Remy Inc 6240-00-155-8720 Avl RFQ
G6-115V6W lamp incandescent Westinghouse Electric Corp 6240-00-143-3049 Avl RFQ
2140-0052 lamp glow HEWLETT PACKARD INC 6240-00-951-3376 Avl RFQ
KBK374U lamp incandescent Eaton Aerospace Ltd 6240-01-350-7439 Avl RFQ
561-1063-004 lamp incandescent Hoffman Engineering Corporation 6240-01-509-4747 Avl RFQ
F40B lamp fluorescent GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 6240-00-781-0790 Avl RFQ
611-039 lamp incandescent Pacific Scientific Company 6240-01-208-9587 Avl RFQ
AA52463-B12 lamp incandescent Federal Commercial Item Description 6240-00-870-7778 Avl RFQ
LA-361-4 lamp incandescent Pettibone Corp 6240-00-012-5588 Avl RFQ
2140-0007 lamp incandescent KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES INC 6240-00-068-0249 Avl RFQ
1007 lamp incandescent GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 6240-00-017-9006 Avl RFQ
19654 lamp sodium GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 6240-01-354-7094 Avl RFQ
56Z350D1 lamp glow MORRIS MATERIAL HANDLING LTD 6240-01-366-6086 Avl RFQ
LS10097-4 lamp incandescent CONTROL PRODUCTS INC 6240-01-143-7702 Avl RFQ
5M2612-001 lamp incandescent Boeing Company The 6240-01-365-4528 Avl RFQ
EFG23E28 lamp fluorescent Matsushita Electric Corp Of Amer 6240-01-462-1453 Avl RFQ
NGX17649-1 lamp incandescent BOSCH REXROTH LTD 6240-00-866-4002 Avl RFQ
917425 lamp incandescent Watkins Johnson Intl 6240-00-875-7977 Avl RFQ
4404 lamp incandescent Philips Electronics North American 6240-00-931-6686 Avl RFQ
T6355978PC1 lamp incandescent GENERAL ELECTRIC INC 6240-00-155-7780 Avl RFQ
581A2-10 lamp incandescent Cardwell Condenser Corp 6240-00-760-0374 Avl RFQ

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